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Enlarging a historic museum

Christ & Gantenbein

By Redazione The Plan -

Basel’s art museum houses the world’s oldest public art collection, with over 4,000 works from Renaissance to Avant-garde schools. The 2016 extension by Christ & Gantenbein is connected to the original volume via an underground passageway and greatly expands the display space. The main building is now used to display works from the 16th Century to 1960, while the addition (2,750 sq.m) is for temporary exhibitions and works from 1960 to 1990. The Mapei Group was involved in the new project through its subsidiary, Mapei Suisse, providing on-site technical expertise and products for laying the indoor wooden flooring. Initially, any residual moisture of the cementitious substrates was treated with two coats of Primer MF EC Plus, as it can handle up to 5% of residual moisture content and guarantees excellent adhesion of the filling material placed on top. Quartz 0.5 was then broadcast on the primer while still damp and levelled using Ultraplan Maxi to create a 10-mm thick surface. This formed the base for laying sold oak parquet using the Ultrabond Eco P909 2K adhesive, as this is suited to securely fixing large wood parquet elements and is a functional adhesive for high footfall zones. The Mapei products used in extending this museum comply with the environmental standards set out by Minergie-Eco, a collaborative project involving Minergie and Eco-bau that combines the Minergie energy efficiency and comfort standards with additional environmental and health requirements.


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