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Basara Restaurant

Relaxation in a Sheltered Outdoor Space

Basara Restaurant
By Redazione The Plan -

The heart of modern Milan is a fast-paced city of high-rise buildings in which the Basara Japanese restaurant provides an oasis of calm and wellness that is ideally suited to a gourmet break with an oriental essence. The restaurant backed onto a large, unused courtyard, providing an excellent opportunity to add an additional forty seats, but a serious challenge because of its irregular plan. It took Pratic’s many years of experience, combined with interior fittings from Spazi Più, to make this new, customized open-air section reality.

The specific choice fell on Pratic’s special bioclimatic Vision pergola to provide the necessary protection above a raised section of floor flanked by a rather charming artificial pond. The connection between the existing restaurant and the new extension was formed by using four adjacent modules to produce a covered corridor. A special fixed roof was designed for the module linking the restaurant to the pergola to ensure it was completely watertight and no pools of water would form as a result of the difference in height between the indoor and outdoor sections. For the other three modules, a roof of aluminum blades that can be rotated was created to provide the ideal balance of shade and ventilation.

When the blades are closed in the Vision pergola, the area below is completely protected from the elements, with any rainwater drained off through the integrated gutter system. The pergola also has T-Box perimeter sections in a special Cristal PVC fabric that, in combination with a perforated pipe heating system, maintains the desired temperature in the pergola and so means it can even be used in colder weather.

In such a restaurant color was evidently a vital consideration, so very precise hues were carefully selected from Pratic’s Colours Collection, as this has 38 trendy colors with Qualicoat certification for resistance to UV rays, salty air and humidity. This color palette has the classic options, but also a range of earthy hues that provide perfect eco-friendly coatings manufactured in a zero-impact process at the company’s new plant.

In this design, a warm, welcoming Cor-ten was chosen to accentuate the refined protected feel of this outdoor space, drawing on the neuro-scientific project known as Lively Colors. Neuro-scientific research can really play a critical role in this field, with the latest Design for Wellbeing, focusing on the different sides of the brain, an excellent example. Pratic puts such research at the heart of its development, creating more informed designs that seamlessly merge people and nature in sophisticated, refined solutions. For an example of this approach, look no further than the Basara pergola.



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