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Andriani Smart Office

A New Conception for Working Areas

ASP Progetti

Andriani Smart Office
By Redazione The Plan -

Andriani is a market leader in food innovation, specializing in pasta made from legumes and cereal crops that are naturally gluten-free. With its reputation built on innovation and sustainability, the company works actively to promote the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, with a prime example of this in its offices in Gravina di Puglia in southern Italy designed by ASP Progetti.

The project placed employee well-being at the forefront, highlighting once again how innovative the company is. Indeed, the rush towards working from home in recent months provides further proof of this as the company invested in smart solutions, with fluid work spaces and flexibility, long before other companies were forced down such a path. Estel partnered the company throughout the whole process, from the initial brainstorming on the road to defining the concept, through the various technical and aesthetic choices, the layout decisions and finally the creation and installation.

Using an activity-based work approach, the whole space was reinterpreted to give employees the freedom to determine - based on what had to be done - whether they needed to sit and work at a desk, use a collaborative space or even work remotely. This process was greatly facilitated by the creation of an ad hoc app that makes booking desks, collaborative tables and meeting rooms really simple.

The design brief for this smart building placed real emphasis on professional interaction. The Baobab modules were ideal for creating spaces for meetings involving different project teams, while for one-on-one
sessions, the Dolly armchairs were seen as the best fit. For individual work, a section was allocated to Evo HP workstations, which have a sit-stand option that helps cut the physical stress inherent in sitting in one position for an extended period of time. For the meeting rooms, Collaborative Room boxes were used along with the 3-6-9 insulating partition walls, which are made of glass to combine sound insulation with visual transparency, thus allowing in plenty of light and avoiding the sensation of being cut off from the rest of the office. The area used for training was designed to be warm and comfortable to encourage user involvement and concentration, while the Coffice areas provide spaces for a coffee break where people can mill around more informally as this boosts social cohesion and interaction.

The partnership with Estel was central in Andriani creating a working area that was 100% in line with the company’s philosophy and challenges, both inside and outside the business.


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