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Advantages of Integrated Project Management

Advantages of Integrated Project Management
By Redazione The Plan -

An architectural project, from conception to completion, involves a number of players whose coordination is essential to optimize investments and achieve a perfect result. Korus Group, which was founded in France in 1991 and entered Italy in 2015, is based in Milan and focuses specifically on such general contractor roles.

The company’s integrated approach to tenders involves setting up a multidisciplinary team of specialists to deal with the technical and administrative sides, both of which are crucial to ensuring everything runs like clockwork. Korus Group operates in five sectors, supported by a well-established network of experts: office, hospitality, residential, retail and industrial. In each one, ad hoc analyses are carried out to ensure that customer’s expectations can be precisely met, with flawless execution and perfection in the implementation of the design of a space, customizing the furniture if necessary. Partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers throughout Europe are fundamental to the group’s ability to design and manufacture functional, modular and durable bespoke solutions to the highest quality standards without compromising environmental sustainability.

I vantaggi di una gestione integrata del progetto Crocetta Living, iniziativa Kervis, Calzoni Architetti, Milano

As a direct contractor, Korus Group assumes joint and several responsibility for every aspect of the design from the moment the contract is signed, using a design-build approach to integrate the conceptual and construction phases. Having a single point of contact to manage everything from supplier selection to risk analysis provides project visibility that helps avoid budget overruns and missed deadlines. The meeting of deadlines is ensured thanks to the group’s ability to begin work even before final design decisions – such as those related to finishes and furnishings – have been made, which then greatly increases the speed of project execution. Korus Group places a high value on customer relationships that extend well beyond delivery, offering assistance in the planning and execution of minor work, adjustments or corrective actions to meet the customer’s expectations.

The group’s operations comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which encourages companies to adopt sustainable policies.

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