A showroom for Teseo
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A showroom for Teseo

The ineffable lightness of glass and steel

A showroom for Teseo
By Redazione The Plan -

Teseo, a company making precision industrial cutting equipment, has a new showroom: a large pavilion with extensive light-filled environments. Promo S.p.A.’s technical staff worked closely with the client to plan the ideal functional showroom space. The result is an architecture where aesthetics and function combine to great effect.

The building is an 8-meter high parallelepiped, its pure geometrical shape disrupted only by an oblique slice into the underside of one corner to create the entrance through an automatic sliding door.

A perfect blend of metal and glazed elements, the volume exudes a sense of spaciousness and light. Inside, the regularly sequenced metal structure echoes the architectural design of the exterior: a Metra aluminum façade whose mechanically fastened colored glass panes guarantee both luminosity and privacy. Lightweight insulating sandwich roof panels complete the volume without overloading the structural frame.

Structurally speaking, despite appearances, this simple one-story rectangular building nonetheless presented a series of problems and asymmetries. The resultant instability was overcome by differentiating the stiffness of the vertical elements and so preventing the torsion caused by quakes. To ensure excellent anti-seismic performance, a horizontal bracing system was Incorporated into the roof structure.

Every technological detail was studied by the designers at Promo S.p.A. They were key to ensuring a project that not only kept within budget but was also a highly elegant customized building despite the use of industrialized systems. Execution was also particularly swift and efficient thanks to the dry assembly systems used that guarantee excellent mechanical, thermal, and acoustic performance and efficient installation of lighting.


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