A Scenic Exhibition Route
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A Scenic Exhibition Route

Spazio Domal

Lascia la Scia

A Scenic Exhibition Route
By Redazione The Plan -

Walking down Viale Bianca Maria in Milan, you could easily find yourself in the new showroom of Domal, a Hydro Group brand specializing in building systems and aluminum creations. As soon as you step inside, you realize that Spazio Domal is more than just a showroom. The skillful work of the Lascia la Scia creative studio allows you to appreciate the many facets of this innovative environment, which goes beyond a technical, functional exhibition space to become an engaging, striking experience. 
The first thing you see is an almost 14-m-long aisle made of a single-color metal weave that frames every fixture mounted along this exhibition tunnel. By dematerializing the vertical walls through the use of white and by adding vegetation to decorate the ceiling, Domal’s casement and sliding windows, with their essential colored profiles, stand out like set jewels, making it possible to really study every single detail. In this space, the windows and doors become integral to the project, elements that divide and define areas. One of the most innovative options are the Soleal Next solutions, which are 75% recycled and 95% recyclable. 
The side walls of the showroom have two additional theme areas: on one side, four arches are used to display a selection of Axalta’s color shades, with a functional work table in front of them where professionals can touch the products and learn more about their features; by the opposite wall, the lifecycle of aluminum is showcased, allowing visitors to appreciate its versatility and sustainability. Adjacent to this is a lounge room that is centered on a sculptural element produced by Wicona, another Hydro Group brand: a section of a full-height semicircular curtain wall. Behind this are the offices, accessible through the Weese glass wall, which can be fully opened when necessary to ensure maximum usability and visual continuity. Finally, in the basement there are several rooms with a Nordic feel and essential lighting, where, especially in the central room, technology coexists with the organic shapes found in nature. These are particularly evident in the preserved green walls and curved wooden steps. 

Via A. Ponchielli, 3 – I – 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) 
Tel. +39 02 924291
E-mail: [email protected] – www.wicona.it
E-mail: [email protected]www.domal.it

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