A home as a meeting place, balanced between the social and private
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A home as a meeting place, balanced between the social and private

Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

A home as a meeting place, balanced between the social and private
By Caterina Testa -

In its own way, every home needs to respond to the dual needs of providing a place for our most private, intimate lives, while also acting as a place to get together with our loved ones. Located in Borgo Valsugana, a municipality near Trento, this residence designed by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti was conceived as a home for a young family, as well as a place for them to meet and socialize with their relatives from the neighboring homes.

The project stands on a slightly hollow site, used as a place for play and recreation by the three related families who live there. The site’s shape, the absence of fences, and the special relationship between its residents suggested the creation of an oasis for meeting and interaction – a place that expresses a feeling of welcome, while offering views across the surrounding countryside.

Borgo Valsugana sits on either side of the Brenta River, east of Trento, and between Mount Ciolino to the north and Mount Rocchetta to the south. Neither mountain is particularly high, which means the valley receives a good amount of sunshine. To the south of the town center, flat, well-exposed land has favored considerable residential expansion in the form of both villas and residential buildings.

Its experience in working in the Borgo Valsugana area suggested to Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti a linear, contemporary design that would take advantage of the warmth of timber in its response to the needs of the future residents. The home, a highly energy efficient prefabricated timber structure, was conceived as a single volume with larch slat cladding, shaped according to the external and internal spaces needed by the clients.

To emphasize the idea of hospitality and openness, the ground floor incorporates an entrance porch for welcoming visitors within a covered space, while the windows to the east, south, and west are all large enough to make the most of the winter sunshine and for enjoying the views. The larch slats have also made it possible to create private balconies, protected from both prying eyes and the sun, while providing a visual filter for the most exposed windows.

In terms of layout, the house is divided into three levels: a small basement with a cellar space and rooms for installations; a ground floor for the garage, living area, and study space; and the first floor with its bedrooms. The timber cladding wraps around the volumes of the two floors, hiding both the eaves, and the aluminum gutters and downpipes.

Inside, custom-made timber furniture defines the interior spaces and enhances the designer décor chosen by the owners. Outside, the covered areas and a large green space connect the new home to the nearby homes, underscoring the bond that unites them and continuing the idea of a meeting place for family.

Architect: Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti (Elisa Burnazzi architetto)
Construction company: Rasom Wood Technology
Location: Borgo Valsugana, Trento
Year: 2015 - 2018
Photography by © Carlo Baroni
courtesy of Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti 

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