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The X Macallan Bar, drinking whisky with friends

Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Sport&Leisure  /  Completed
Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Haruki Murakami, after a visit to Ireland, once wrote: "If our language were whisky, there would be no trouble in communication. Take and drink the wine I present, and you will understand what I mean easily, intimately and accurately." Without trivialities, distance and limitation, the design for the XMacallan Bar by the designers perfectly interprets a scene of drinking whisky with friends, composes a melody of classic style, and creates an immersive space beyond the hustle and bustle of city life. Realizing the aesthetic value of space based on commercial logic is the designers' secret to delivering distinctive commercial spaces. “In the design for the XMacallan Bar, we continued our commercial-logic-based philosophy, not only endowing the space with beauty but also providing practical solutions to maximize its profitability and values,” said the designer. Upon entering the space, people feel as if they were sitting in an Irish pub, enjoying an atmospheric film by Wong Kar-wai or immersed in the romantic blues. A variety of retro styles will cater to different guests, allowing them to enjoy themselves in respect, intimacy and great comfort. As you step into the XMacallan Bar, a sweet smell of wine will greet your nose, you feeling as if surrounded by oak barrels filled with wine. Some adjectives come naturally in your mind: classical, exotic, warm and tipsy. Here, you can imagine yourself traveling to a 19th-century Polish wine cellar, where in the dim light, the fragrance of wine penetrates the barrels, floats in the air and finally reaches your nose. So, just sitting here will enable you to forget the outside world. At first, people coming here may just want to enjoy an idle evening with some whisky. However, the moment they settle themselves on the leather sofas, they can’t help getting lost in the unique style and atmosphere, feeling slightly drunk even though they haven’t had a drop of wine yet. "There is no need to add some patterns to the material if it can be used fully and skillfully, since decorative beauty is additional and artificial, while the beauty of materials is natural and original.” Without redundant decoration, it presents the sculptural beauty of the huge space. Its details, whether it is the rough texture of the ceiling or the solid wood of the beam, will touch people’s heart with the pureness of materials. Surrounding the space are exquisite glass cabinets, inside each of which there is a bottle of wine from a different year. This unique display not only looks interesting but also shows the taste and charm of the space.


 537 mq
 Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai


Jingle signifies a surging and vibrant fruit. Jingle Design Institute was founded in 2016 by two pioneering designers, Zhou Bo and Cai Yuyang. The team is committed to "achieving spatial aesthetics with business logic; creating amazing experiences continuously". Jingle Design provides holistic professional services, from business positioning and planning, space design to soft furnishings and installation art, which help to create sustainable value for commercial brands.
With the brand concept of "making commercial spaces vibrant", the Studio explores the possibilities in commercial spaces and interactive experiences. As directors of spatial experiences and lifestyle opinion leaders, the Jingle team overturns the past to present more cutting-edge design. Their work covers diverse commercial spaces, including boutique hotels, resort spas, food and beverage retail spaces, beauty clubs and showroom designs, which allow the space to be both aesthetically and experientially satisfying.

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