Tabanlioglu Architects - Stade du Senegal, shimmering during the day and dynamic at night
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Stade du Senegal, shimmering during the day and dynamic at night

Tabanlioglu Architects

Sport&Leisure  /  Completed
Tabanlioglu Architects

As part of the master plan, the stadium project aims to create a relationship between the stadium area and the urban tissue, visually and socially. Meeting FIFA and CAF standards for the African Cup of Nations (CAN), the design includes hard and soft landscaping and the enhancement of the area around the stadium, taking into account the requirements of vehicle and crowd movement, parking, maintenance, access, and the design of the overall precinct. In a fan-friendly approach, besides spectators' comfort during games, addressing issues such as quality of facilities, the experience, and comfort of using them, and the continuing maintenance of these facilities, the precinct is designed as a dynamic “fan zone” and the parking area where sports lovers gather even before getting into the stadium. Access to the stadium will be provided via 40 separate portals around the stadium. The stadium, formed around a 105 x 68m football pitch, is planned with a gross capacity of 50,000 seats. In addition to lower and upper tiers, there are skyboxes and a president box, as well as 1045-seat for VIP spectators. Determining maximum viewing distances, sightlines, and optimal viewing angles is a mathematical problem. All seats need to have a clear view, accordingly, an optimal seating area is designated. As many fans prefer watching a football game from the sidelines, some like to watch the game from behind the goalposts. For this reason, different scenarios were tested to find the optimal solution. This resulted in, a line of vision granting spectators excellent views, and the design of the seating bowl contributes to an exciting and intimate atmosphere within the simple opulence of natural light and material sensation. The athletic track surrounding the field limits the events that can take place because it acts as a rather large barrier between the spectators and the central playground. The trend of multi-use stadiums is usually geared toward combining soccer fields with athletic tracks. But rarely -used athletics track usually results in poor sightlines. Accordingly, facilities such as reserve areas for athletes to train and for track-and-field sports, and other field events are planned as annexes, so the spectators are closer to the field. The rectangular stadium is enveloped in a curvilinear façade composed of multilayered metal mesh panels, creating soft edges. The iconic structure becomes a glittering sculpture during the day, and dynamic at night with changing colors of light diffusing from the stadium and with projections on the surface. Aiming for an operating life of at least 50 years, robust and long-lasting finishes, materials and components are preferred while implementing sustainable design principles that include commitments related to energy, water, materials, waste, ecology, and transport, besides operational efficiency, in terms of both event and non-event activities.


 88.000 mq
 Melkan Gursel & Murat Tabanlioglu
 Salih Yılgorur, Ali Caliskan, Zeynep Eker Yilgorur, Utkan Yonter, Halidun Senkal, Ismail Ulukaya, Zehra Kuyulu, Cahit Egilmez, Ozan Evrim Karpinar, Duygu Kara, Zz Sezin Sever Vural, Sare Gizem Dagdeviren, Enis Kacka, Esra Gultoplayan Durdubasoglu, Ceyda Cihangir Ucaroglu, Yaprak Karatas, Figen Burcu Akyuz, Melis Cinar, Elif Ulucan, Ali Riza Sacan
 Structural: Meinhardt, Mechanical: Moskay, Electrical:EMT, Landscape: Zeynep Akgoze, Facade: CWG,Lighting:Lab.1, Infrastructure: Prodim, Fire: Alara, Acoustics: Karakutu, Sports: IFS
 Melkan Gursel, Mustafa Erkatirci


With its long family tradition since 1950s, Tabanlıoğlu Architects is established in 1990 by
Murat Tabanlıoğlu and Dr. Hayati Tabanlıoğlu. Melkan Gürsel joined the group as a partner
in 1995. Istanbul-based firm, with offices in Dubai, Doha, and New York, demonstrates
professionalism based on rigor and know-how and searching for new efficiencies in terms of
global and environmental needs and developments. Winner of international awards like
RIBA International, the practice is currently engaged in major assignments worldwide. TA_ is
keen on developing innovative, yet efficient and economically viable design alternatives,
placing particular emphasis on the uniqueness of place, functionality, and public space, in
order to meet the challenges of a modern society undergoing immense change, and for
people to come together in new ways.

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