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Presentedby, an immersive retail experience in Doha Design District

External Reference

Retail  /  Completed
External Reference

Blending the duney landscape of Qatar and the tech-centric redevelopment of Doha, Presentedby offers an immersive retail experience where sneakerheads can come together not only to shop but also to feel, touch, discover, and share their love for sneakers, streetwear, and urban culture. The project is an emotional landscape that connects the natural Qatar formations with the sneaker lifestyle. Presentedby disembarks in Doha with its new flagship. With its trademark strategy, it lands right in the middle of Doha’s new centrality offering an ultimate retail experience created around Qatar’s unique characteristics. Presentedby offers an exhibition space rather than a retail store that rapidly became a destination for sneaker aficionados in the Middle East. The retail experience begins long before the customer walks inside the store. With its outer facade cladded in full height, 5 meter tall led screens the store displays a dynamic landscape of digital art that alters the perception of passers immediately drawing their eye and awakening their curiosity. This not only serves to draw people's attention but also serves as a backdrop for digital content creation. Inside the space offers an immersive retail experience centered around the world's most exclusive trainers, iconic collaborations, and urban hype collector items. It combines advanced fabrication, technology, fashion, urban culture, and design. Conceived as a digital dune, the store presents its exclusive collection upon an ever-changing tech landscape of algorithmically cut metal blades and programmable led lights that wrap the space. Far from being a static space, the interior of the store is a fully responsive environment that interacts with the customers through its dynamic lighting and interactive floor and surface mapping, every time creating a unique and memorable retail experience. The experience is completed with a fully immersive experiential room where a matrix of holographic fans creates a digital show that showcases the most coveted collector sneakers. This space offers the possibility of selecting individual shows based upon selected trainers housed inside this vault of exclusive items. For Presentedby x Doha Design District, the team at External Reference pushed the boundaries between art, design, and technology as much as possible, to create a highly attractive space that transforms the traditional urban store into a retailtainment destination. At Presentedby x Doha Design District digital and physical dimensions collide to create a unique immersive space that boosts footfall, media interest, and social media content. Here, the customer can come and interact with the exclusive product that Presentedby offers in a new digital landscape that creates a memorable customer experience.


 230 mq
 Carmelo Zappulla
 Iacopo Neri, Forum Shah, Marina Cella.
 Oxido Taller
 OnionLab, Lloc Audiovisuals


External Reference is a multidisciplinary design firm that brakes the boundaries between architecture, visual arts, and digital tools to deliver a unique special experience. Founded in 2007 in Barcelona, the studio has achieved world recognition and developed its own unique style and design methodology in commercial and cultural interior design and architecture. We have completed projects and received numerous design awards in the most influential cities worldwide: Barcelona, Dubai, London, Bangkok, Doha, and Moscow. For us 2022 is the year of the most ambitious projects like the Spanish Pavilion at EXPO2020 and the WOW concept in Madrid. Inspiring us to further expand our vision and expertise across the globe. External Reference offers one-of-a-kind spacial design concepts through immersive digital and physical media, which are able to highlight brand values and create lasting


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