Il Prisma - Sassetti 27, a former factory of the early twentieth century will become an innovative, flexible and green office hub
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Sassetti 27, a former factory of the early twentieth century will become an innovative, flexible and green office hub

Il Prisma

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Il Prisma

At the center of one of Milan’s most transforming areas, a former factory of the early twentieth century will become an innovative office hub. Designed by the Cityscape business unit of Il Prisma, the project for Sassetti Str. 27 envisions a plant and functional restructuring of the complex in order to give the city a flexible, sustainable and green space where technical comfort and technological opportunities could interact with old Milan’s historical memory. A hub of approximately 11,300 sq. m of total area, ready to welcome new perspectives for business and work. Located strategically in the north of the city, in an area between the Isola and Porta Nuova neighborhoods, the complex consists of two adjoining buildings, the main one—"Factory"—which is set back in respect to Sassetti Street and a smaller one, the “Villa”, located at the corner between Sassetti and Spalato streets. The design concept mainly aims to reconcile the most contemporary needs in terms of flexibility of workspaces and energy efficiency, with the building’s historical spirit and memory, which make it unique and recognizable. The project foresees creating approximately 5,092 sq. m entirely dedicated to offices and formal and informal meeting rooms, distributed over five levels (basement, mezzanine, first, second and third). Upon completion of these environments, approximately 831 sq. m of outdoor spaces are planned, divided between two courtyards: the larger one, near Sassetti Street, is suitable for informal work contexts and evening events, the second one is located inside the historic courtyard. Basements, developing for three floors below the road level, will host about 30 parking spaces and will be accessible thanks to a new ramp that will be built at the corner between Sassetti and Sebenico streets. The roofs of the historic building and the new building were redesigned as two large terraces for a total of approximately 694 sq. m, located respectively at 15- and 20-meter height, to offer a new look over Milan. The intervention will functionally and energetically redevelop the entire building. The "Villa" will be completely renovated in a contemporary way, creating a visual connection between the inside and the outside of the building. The lot’s perimeter was shaped to enhance and highlight the entrance to the building, creating an open and welcoming space for the users of new offices. The welcome area, located at the road level between Sassetti and Spalato streets, will become a distribution center of the entire complex. The building’s inside is characterized by a strong historical value, which the project aims to safeguard and enhance. Workspaces, which can accommodate up to 650 people, were designed with innovation and high-tech in mind, to ensure maximum adaptability to the ever-changing needs of workers. Large adjacent courtyards were conceived as new spaces equipped and adaptable to different day and evening needs. The facilities are powered by a geothermal—green and renewable—plant, and were designed to ensure the highest containment of consumption and an elevated standard of thermo-hygrometric comfort for users. The provided heat pumps exploit groundwater, thus allowing both a responsible use of natural resources and highly elevated yields. To complete the facility system, a photovoltaic installation—to be integrated with other designed systems in order to take the building to the energy efficiency class A—was envisioned.


 Meridiano Secondo S.r.l.
 11.210 mq
 Il Prisma
 Stefano Sabatino, Santiago Trujillo, Ilaria Stroppa (progettisti) Efstathia Sima (Project Coordinator), Sebastiano Pasculli (Team Leader)
 (in attesa di nuova gara)
 SAV Ingegneria (MEP), FA.MA. Ingegneria (Strutture e VVF), Paola Tagliaferri (Acustica)


Il Prisma – – is an international architecture and planning firm with Italian origins, designing spaces and experiences for the human being. The company has offices in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Cityscape, Worksphere and Destination.
What is the future of human experience?
The way humans live and the architectures they inhabit have always been our focus of attention. We believe that every change needs adequate space to happen. We act in the area of convergence between people and organizations to design spaces rich with life, work and involvement.
In a nutshell, we design human life.

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