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Luxottica Digital Factory, from energy to technology through architectural quality and experimentation

Park Associati

Renovation  /  Completed
Park Associati

Milan is enhanced by a new intervention of industrial architectural restoration aimed at accommodating the Digital Factory of Luxottica, a world leader in the eyewear market. Thanks to Park Associati's retrofitting intervention, in collaboration with storagemilano, the complex becomes an open and flexible container where history, change and creativity find the ideal convergence ground. Paying the greatest attention to quality, using technologically innovative materials and seeking cutting-edge architectural solutions are the Digital Factory project’s focal points that take inspiration from Luxottica's identity principles, while paying attention to the peculiar elements of the place and respecting the social fabric of the neighbourhood hosting the new structure. Park Associati's project reinterprets the existing industrial building - formerly occupied by General Electric - by maintaining its main volumes and, above all, its character, with contemporary top quality additions both to the façade and inside. The intervention emphasises the building's original shapes and lines by eliminating any later internal additions and by adapting the building to contemporary safety and sustainability parameters, while preserving the excellent reinforced concrete truss design and enhancing the façade's vertical shape. The casing is the result of technological and structural research aimed at lending the building the greatest transparency and indoor brightness. The daring and startling façade overlooking Via Tortona consists of a full-height glazed structure with vertical metal blades that bring to mind the sheds. Transparency is reflected onto the internal spaces that are completely reinterpreted to accommodate the new functions: the showroom and some commercial spaces on the ground floor, and the Digital Lab - a high-tech innovation centre - on the first floor. Designed by storagemilano in collaboration with Park Associati in collaboration with storagemilano, the interiors are bright and comfortable and benefit from green leisure and informal meeting areas - the internal garden on the ground floor and the green patios on the first floor. The intervention follows a LEED quality and sustainability protocol, and is estimated to be awarded the "GOLD" class. The Digital Factory helps revitalize an area of the city that from suburban environment has been turned into a vital area, which is thus returned to the urban and social fabric.


 Luxottica Group S.p.A.
 9.000 mq
 Park Associati (Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi)
 Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Lorenzo Merloni (Project Leader) Michele Versaci, Valeria Donini, Alessandro Bentivegna, Simone Caimi, Ismail Seleit, Marco Vitalini, Cristina Tudela Molino, Luna Pavanello, Sofia Dalmasso, Luca Pazzaglia. Marinella Ferrari (Graphics). Mario Frusca (Visualizations).
 SMV Costruzioni
 ESA Engineering, Milan; MSC Associati, Milan; Deerns, Milan; Storagemilano; Arch. Marco Bay, Milan;
 Stahlbau Pichler, Bolzano; Tvitec; Lamparredo; Dinesen; Kvadrat


Park Associati, founded in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, focuses its activity on architectural design, urban planning, interior and product design. The approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, strong in tradition but capable of generating new linguistic codes through a process of listening, intuition and experimentation. While listening to the concrete elements dictated by regulations and budget constraints and environmental conditions, attention is also paid to the intangible dimensions: the clients' identity values, the urban, social, and political context.
Intuition brings quality and value to projects and, with the analytical process, enables the contexts’ complexity to be deciphered through the implementation of original solutions.
Typological, formal and language experimentation, the cooperation with other disciplines, in short research, are at the heart of the studio‘s thinking, which takes shape in the Park Plus applied research unit.


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