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TerraPremiata Winery, where nature takes over

FIMA Architecture Design Engineering srl

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FIMA Architecture Design Engineering srl

The project of the TerraPremiata Winery is a message: nature will take back what we have taken from it, managing to bend the iron to adapt it to its needs. A message made explicit through a facade designed to highlight this concept: native plants consistent with the landscape, study of solar incidence, optimized irrigation through the recovery of rainwater, protection against overheating of the facade, materials with high ground permeability , planting of native essences such as olive trees to screen from below, low consumption lighting, are just some of the measures implemented for the project of the green and corten facade of the TerraPremiata winery. In fact, the façade project stems from a landscape issue: creating a project that mitigates and camouflages the impact from the valley. The FIMA studio was commissioned to design the façade when the reinforced concrete works of the winery was already completed. The theme therefore was to mitigate a reinforced concrete volume placed in the middle of a hill. Even if partially underground, in fact, the winery was excessively "bulky" in the landscape. Seen from the valley in particular, the volumetric detachment was very important and was almost alien within the surrounding landscape unit. The concept of the project was to interpret the façade and the surrounding spaces as a piece of landscape, as a void to be filled, as missing pixels in a photo and to fill them with the clone command. We have therefore transferred the hilly landscape of the Marche region, sinuous, never harsh, directly on the façade, making vertical greenery emerge from it as if the latter wanted to emerge from the façade itself; as if the green, imprisoned by a metal cage, managed to bend it, distort it, stress it, and come out into the open field. The reinforced concrete block is thus extremely mitigated by the corten façade and the vertical green, blending in with the surrounding landscape, becoming part of the surrounding landscape and making the winery part of it. The green roof with some olive trees, and a row of olive trees at the base of the winery then completed a minimal green project. The façade was therefore designed in such a way as to be able to house a series of tanks on the top of some corten curves, with depths ranging from 30 to 100 cm, for planting native plants and typical of the Marche hills. The color of the corten, combined with the green on the facade, create a chromatic contrast that manages to mitigate the impact and transform a reinforced concrete facade into a piece of landscape. The architecture of the corten curves with its sinuosity and the green that comes out of the tubs at different heights, creates a feeling of being in front of a strange rusty iron wall, in which the green is slowly starting to take over and take over. .


 TerraPremiata Di Mazza Graziano e Figli Società Agricola Semplice
 600 mq
 Maurizio Andreoli
 Maurizio Andreoli


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