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Sunshine City Beijing, blurring the boundaries of space with nature

Ouyang Kongbo,Zhu Mengyao

Landscape  /  Completed
Ouyang Kongbo,Zhu Mengyao

Sunshine City Beijing – Xishan Yue t is located in Xi Wengzhuang, Miyun District, Beijing. The project was designed based on site exploration, and the original natural environment of the site was preserved as much as possible in a lightly-involved manner, with the opening of the path, the direction of the road, the location of the water scenery, and the location of the plants all determined according to the site conditions. By sorting out the site space and sight lines, the design integrates the new landscape into the existing site environment with low-impact development, and extends the boundaries of space into the surrounding environment with various scenic borrowing techniques. By blurring the boundaries of space with nature, the design creates an “immersive mountain residence” that returns to the landscape and enjoys nature, satisfying people’s aspirations for mountain living and harvesting inner peace between the landscape and the hustle and bustle. There is a 9m steep hill at the site, through the topographic investigation of the site, the design is based on the preservation of the current situation of large trees to design a suitable path opening and road direction. The site is protected by a retaining wall of hewn stone , and the winding steps of bamboo and wood are designed to create a natural environment of mountain forest and stone attraction. Trees, introduced into the garden by natural planting, adapted to the site. The road, with its meandering and winding trend, is clearly accessible. The streams, with their changing shapes and contours, are embedded with plants and pavements, which are natural and dynamic. All these create the possibility of moving in space with different view. The simple and minimalist corridor not only extends the space, but also separates it invisibly, using the framing technique to make the space more delicate and rich in layers. The rustic leisure chairs under the porch, together with the stone and stone steps, present a leisurely and elegant space atmosphere, which is taken from nature, integrated with nature and above nature, realizing the dialogue between human and nature. The thin layers of planting pools simulate the outline of streams and interlock with each other, continuing with the veins of the valley. The stone steps are designed to weaken the volume of the planting pond, as if floating on the ground, which is flexible and extendable. The ecological and natural material use, modern and simple line composition, weaken and eliminate the constraints and limitations of the boundary, and integrate the landscape into the current situation with the low impact development method, so that it becomes so natural to enter the site. The gravel path and the white clover in full bloom, as if nature has given this place a surprise, are another spatial experience when you walk up through this winding and wild path. An original forest of poplar trees is preserved, and the design uses a low-impact approach on the ground cover layer to create a clean and intact green substrate. A light wooden walkway floats in the middle of it, which is secluded, sheltered and peaceful, presenting a rare hidden mountain scenery. As you walk down the steps, the bamboo and rocks are interwoven, and the steps seem to have a lightness to them as you stroll through nature. The Smoke tree on both sides whisked your face, creating a Japanese garden atmosphere in every stone and tree.


 Sunshine City Beijing Region
 12872 mq
 L&A Design
 Ouyang Kongbo,Zhu Mengyao,Guan yongbei ,Li Shengnan,Han Bo,Xin Yongxue,Xie Yingran,Zhang Yanqing,Li Bihua,Wang Xiaoxi


Ouyang Kongbo graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and has been engaged in landscape for 13 years. His projects include high-end residential areas, commercial complexes, hotels, schools, parks and other landscape design. He has rich project design experience and cutting-edge design concept, with complete ability from scheme design to construction drawing design.He understands the unique emotion of every space from life, balances the relationship between man and man, and between man and nature, and strives to make design with temperature.
Zhu Mengyao graduated from Beijing Forestry University and worked in landscape for 6 years.She participated in the design of high-end residential areas, commercial complexes, farms,parks and other landscape design, committed to using design to solve the needs of urban life and urban problems.She respects nature, people-oriented, and strive to create comfortable, interesting and warm life scenes for people in the construction of landscape space.

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