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Midea Foshan Lishui Dongyuewan, inspiring, attracting and sharing


Landscape  /  Completed

The project is located in Foshan, Guangdong, close to Guangzhou,it is situated at center of Guangzhou-Foshan economic circle. The purpose of this project is "inspiration, attracting and sharing",according urban forest landscape design and multi-dimensional life experience pavilion to show the modern concept of a better life. Design reducing unnecessary landscape decoration facilities, based on practicality and ecology, provide a forest leisure place for surrounding residents, and realize the concept of "Living In The Park". The landscape design is based on the theme of "return to nature and meet the forest"; integrate the nature to the city using comfortable and appropriate human scale, taking advantage of geographic; creates inter connecting triple garden from inside to outside, the interesting walking path designed within the park create the enjoyable ambient and stretches out to the imaginable nature. Discussing the modern lifestyle, it’s no longer built blindly at the expense of nature and an enclosed community, it should be integrating with nature and openness. The purpose of this project is to "inspiration, attracting and sharing",according urban forest landscape design and multi-dimensional life experience pavilion to show the modern concept of a better life. Constantly explore the relationship between people and space, landscape and architecture, the open site not only create the leisure space of people, but also brings space for interaction and communication to the city, reducing the indifference feeling of the city, we hope to increase people’s participation, improve the relationship between people to people, human and nature, also people and space according to the unbounded community. “Mixed-Community” will be the model of healthy community in the future, according to plan lots of scenario to bring more stereoscopic experience for residents and public, the scenes of outdoor theatre, camping zone, funny playground and happy sport cyclic are the needs of people’s daily life, and lead to the high-quality healthy modern life. Most of the installations in the outdoor landscape are using assembly decoration system, they are prefabrication by the factory before transport to the project site for assemble, that would be more high-efficiency and environmental friendly, reduce the pollution which caused by on-site construction, at the same time improve the quality of construction and educes engineering costs. A future livable community should be based on people's future living needs, and consideration with ecological, health and sustainability, break the closed state of the community and bring more freedom and interactive for people.


 Midea Group
 12371 mq
 Paul Bo Peng


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