Tabanlioglu Architects - The taste of culture overlooks the wide Bosporus view: Divan Fuaye
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The taste of culture overlooks the wide Bosporus view: Divan Fuaye

Tabanlioglu Architects

Interior  /  Completed
Tabanlioglu Architects

Visible behind the transparent divider, across the bar, the main restaurant kitchen is on the first floor. On top of this section, the 307 m2 second-floor terrace lounge with 98 seating and 7 bar seating is located, annexed by a terrace bar and kitchen facility. A service entrance and service elevator on the ground floor connect the lower floor kitchen and the upper floors. In harmony with AKM's architectural language, and maintaining the original design features found in the cafes, the design evolves around the juxtaposition of simple materials: wood, glass, marble, concrete, fabric, and steel. Besides wood paneling and timber ceiling in interiors, coffered ceilings channel AKM's architectural details, and honor the heritage of the modernist building. Partly exposed concrete ceilings and walls add an expansive feel to the exterior. Lighting fixtures are handmade; bulbs in three different colors, soft-white, soft green, and soft blue - that regard light woods, designed by Sema Topaloğlu, and with reference to AKM features. Layouts of all-integrated partitions are linear and similar to each other. A bright lounge is populated by amenable seating atop a timber floor. Built-in sofas and custom tables, square at the main hall, and rectangular or round in the other sections, all with marble tops-including the bar counter, surrounded by casual or more formal seating, or stools, selected individually for each zone. Square tables with light color marble -tops, are paired with matching curved arm-chairs for smaller parties, where as a divan-like seating is reserved for larger groups. The grand painting behind the linear sofa is by a famous Turkish painter, very recently deceased Balkan Naci Islimyeli. Excluded from the street, the ambience grants a serene, decent and modern feel. Muted colors like amber beige, sage green, and pearl white are preferred for the seating material- velvet and leatherette- as well as walls and floors. Various potted tall plants (Bucida) in the indoor and outdoor spaces are informed by the feel of the surrounding views. The scenery of the city over the trees towards historic buildings, and of the Bosporus, diffuses in the interiors. With its location overlooking the wide Bosporus view, DİVAN BRASSERIE Foyer, which will serve especially the opera, cinema performance hall, and theater units and all Divan customers, joins the culture street where it serves two floors as an ambassador of taste culture.


 Divan Tourism Facilities
 625 mq
 Melkan Gursel & Murat Tabanlioglu
 Salih Yılgörür, Yetkin Göllü, Funda Tezel Aksoy, Selin Dinçer, Merve Yapıcı, Sibel Ergun, Ali Rıza Saçan, Zeynep Eker Yılgörür, Elif Ulucan
 Ark Construction
 Emre Dorter


With its long family tradition since 1950’s, Tabanlıoğlu Architects is established in 1990 by Murat Tabanlıoğlu and Dr. Hayati Tabanlıoğlu. Melkan Gürsel joined the group as a partner in 1995. Istanbul-based firm, with offices in Dubai, Doha, and New York, demonstrates professionalism based on rigor and know-how and searching for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs and developments. Winner of international awards like RIBA International, the practice is currently engaged in major assignments worldwide. TA_ is keen on developing innovative, yet efficient and economically viable design alternatives, placing particular emphasis on the uniqueness of place, functionality, and public space, in order to meet the challenges of a modern society undergoing immense change, and for people to come together in new ways.

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