Icona Architetti Associati - Promenade apartment, redesigned by a prestigious tailoring
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Promenade apartment, redesigned by a prestigious tailoring

Icona Architetti Associati

Interior  /  Completed
Icona Architetti Associati

On the high first floor of a fully renovated 1930s building, the Promenade is a pass-through apartment of about 150 sq m that crosses the length of the structural block , with an overlook on the inner courtyard and the 'noble overlook noble on the main facade , on the street front. Between these two extremes the plan of the residence elongates and articulates itself through narrows and edges, the result of the layering, over time, of diverse fragmentations and fractionations. The challenge was therefore to rethink this difficult floor plan into a comfortable space, trying to smooth out the edges and creatively exploit its long outline. Different design approaches were considered; Icona Architetti considered it successful to place the sleeping area in the part near the entrance, displacing toward the more valuable view the living area. But how to transform the long corridor connecting the two ecosystems without reducing it to a mere functional connection? The idea was to imagine and set up this per course as a real linear room, as if the four walls of a living room were been unpacked and aligned along a directrix. Thus, a real allée unfolds, a kind of linear gallery and where the corners that , normally, one would find in actual room follow one another: a bench, a bookcase, a closet, a shelf follow one another along the way, each defined by one of the specific finishes that mark the project, oak, panels ash-gray, metal. Here every nook and cranny is just right to bring forth a perfect interaction between architecture and art, a great passion of the homeowners. The Promenade accompanies us to the front of the small studio, carved out of a cone kissed by the grace of a natural light coming from the west that gently floods it throughout the day. The glazed wall allows the brightness to spread toward the hallway to the living area, heralded by the arch that marks the end of one room and the entrance to a new territory. To compensate for the sharpness of the floor plan, in this particularly accentuated area, a paneling was designed that , by rounding the corners of the furniture, softens the space . The custom kitchen is meticulously fitted , making the most of all the remaining gaps and freeing up space for the comfortable living room that takes advantage of the two large, elegant windows with boarded flared outward. Redesigned in this way , the dwelling-promenade is as if reborn, as if, thanks to a suit of the most prestigious tailoring, it had been put in the conditions to soften the roughness while uniquely enhancing the beauty.


 165 mq
 Marco Orto; Federica Poggio
 Domenico Cacciapaglia, Pietro Molinari
 Brun Fine Art; UP Art Milano
 Oluce; Flos; Tooy; Il Fanale; Arkos light; Artemide; Cassina; Lema; Meridiani; Scab Design; treP+; Bolzan; cc-tapis; Florim; Ceramica Cielo; Bellosta; Marazzi; CP parquet; Falegnameria Buila;
 Monica Spezia


Icona Architetti Associati is an architecture and design studio founded in Milan in 2013 by the duo Marco Orto and Federica Poggio and joined in 2019 by Domenico Cacciapaglia as a partner. Heirs to the modern lesson of the Italian masters of the 20th century and aware of the suggestions of the contemporary, Icona claims an immersive and humanistic approach to design. Their work always originates from a dialogue: human and sensory, with people and contexts. Icona embraces a wide range of operational scales, from master plan to product design. Materials are given a central role: this is the idea of "Icona Touch," a multisensory concept in which optical and haptic come together in a single experience. The axiom of fluidity is also part of Icona's fundamentals. The ability to modulate space according to seasons and functions is the method used to create flexible eco-systems. Fluidity that, together with the curved line, symbolizes the true signature of Icona Associated Architects.


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