Toti Semerano - Turning an empty space in Montebelluna into a garden
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Turning an empty space in Montebelluna into a garden

Toti Semerano

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Toti Semerano

MONTEBELLUNA Intervention area “Center Projects” Via Montello An abandoned area at the heart of the city, characterized by a chaotic urban development where tall buildings alternate with small ones and/or villas, a zone marked by little green areas and heavy traffic, a few steps away, contrastingly enough, from the old town center that has a totally different reality. It was crucial to project not only buildings but an entire urban concept, turning the empty space into a garden. To dictate the criteria of the project was in fact the quality of this “void” that defined the edges of the constructions and outlined its shape. The construction’s density, even though essential to justify the intervention economically, should be supported by the projection of the green space to enhance the perception and the spaces of the buildings. It was mainly the internal garden project that led to splitting the internal volume in independent sections. The first 2 floors -the ground floor and the first floor- belong to the garden and shape its backyard: they are constructed with the same material and recall the colors of the tree trunks. The second and third floors are as high as the trees in front: it would be vital to foresee high trees instantly. Under the greenery, you can find the underground spots designed for parking, and despite this, a series of measures and solutions will guarantee the development and growth of the trees. Even in the first phases of the neighborhood’s development, the foliage of the trees resembling a cloud, will allow hiding the upper floors, that will look like floating over the green clouds. The last floors will be the only ones visible to the buildings in front, yet even these ones, will become less and less visible as time passes by and the trees grow taller. The projection of the skyline was given particular attention and importance, changing depending on the observation point and allowing the sun rays to enter in the garden in different modes during the day, giving to the complex a varying perception depending on the point of view. This is why an optical cone was conceived guaranteeing the perception of the hill in front in general and the Binetti Zuccareda villa in particular, the whole perimeter of the complex -which overlooks the access streets- was shaped in regard to the surrounding urban style. Facing the street, a tactile windowless facade was projected, with a color continuity to adjacent buildings; on the other side and taking into consideration the presence of the adjoining building which develops over eight floors, it was decided to move back the construction line by creating a small tree-lined square and a succession of arcades that allow indoor walks in the only area used for shops.


 Aura s. r. l.
 6000 mq
 Toti Semerano
 Ludovica Fava, Salvatore Musarò, Stefano Zanardi, Riccardo Catamo, Stefano Sabato
 Aura s. r. l.


Recent awards. Winner of 2021 The Plan Landscape with the project Renovation of Punta Meliso, Santa Maria di Leuca, Winner of the Pida 2020 Prize in the Stella Maris Hotel Project category, winner in the "The Plan Award 2020" category Future public space, Otranto rocky ridge project, 2019 EU Finalist Mies Van der Rohe Prize Atelier Bagnoli project, 2019 The Plan Award winner in the Future category Office and Business, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Housing Project Residenza Sansovino, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Mixed-use project Residence Office Center The Plan Award 2017 Honorable Mention - "Culture" category, The Plan Award 2015 - category "Special Projects", Ask 2012 - Lifetime Achievement Award, Merit Award - Competition "Taiwan Towers Conceptual Design Competition" 2010, International Architecture Biennial Barbara Cappochin 2009 Award for the Care of Architectural Detail Elements.

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