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Liyang New Rural Residential, preserving and reshaping the rural life

Dplus Studio

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The project is located in Shuixi Village, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. As a rural relocation project for centralized resettlement by the government, it needs to solve not only the living needs of the villagers in the new environment, but also the efficient integration of infrastructure construction and farmland resources, and the continuous construction of rural culture, Multi-level and comprehensive planning and design of industrial cultivation and commercial operation. China's villages are basically united by families, and the settlement relationship is combined by clan blood. The intimate neighbor relationship is derived from this, which is an important part of the humanistic care of rural life. Therefore, in the planned rural construction of our emerging relocation, it is necessary to preserve and reshape this living experience. Liyang New Rural Residence, as the start-up area of the project, is relatively close to the city, only a 30-minute drive away, and is surrounded by tourist attractions and natural resources such as tea gardens. Therefore, in the overall planning, a small-scale public courtyard is deliberately set aside between each single family, which increases the sense of sequence of each family's entry and provides a variety of communication spaces. On the other hand, in the single-unit design, all units adopt an L-shaped plan layout, which is enclosed inward and inward; the courtyard of each household has a terrace that leads directly to the second floor. People living in the courtyard can completely enjoy the terrace. Greet people on the stairs and in the public space, and the behavior between indoors and outdoors naturally transitions. This creates a harmonious and harmonious neighborhood relationship. This is a government-led social housing to improve the living environment in rural areas, which is completely different from urban commercial housing. Its users are mainly local farmers, not only have their own needs, but also fully consider the needs of participating in farm labor, and need to fully consider the arrangement of farm implements and equipment. Based on this, at the beginning of the design, it is necessary to list more fully used menus, distribute a certain number of questionnaires, and organize and summarize to obtain the greatest common divisor of the actual needs of the villagers. At the same time, the design of the stairs on the second floor in the design stage provides more possibilities for villagers to live in in the future, such as self-occupation on the first floor and homestay on the second floor, or vice versa; the whole as a country food restaurant; tea Cultural exhibition and experience hall, holiday homestay, etc.


 Liyang, Jiangsu
 Liyang Town Government
 4000 mq
 Li Shuo
 Li Le


Li Shuo was born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. He is a new generation of Chinese architects born in the 1980s and he has controlled and completed a number of cultural and educational projects throughout the process. practical experience.

Li Shuo established Dplus Studio in Shanghai in October 2014. Since its establishment, the studio has been questioning the practical significance of design from the very beginning, facing practical problems rather than over-expression of self-consciousness. In the past two years, the team led by Li Shuo has stood out in the field of educational architectural design and office park design, built a number of international schools, public schools, science and technology parks, and created an integrated, open and diverse learning and office environment, bringing users pleasant experience close to nature.


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