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Residenza Alba, solids and voids "draw" the conviviality

Tecnostudio S.r.l. - Arch. Diego Zanaica

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Tecnostudio S.r.l. - Arch. Diego Zanaica

The project includes the realization of a residential building characterized by three units, developed over three floors above ground. The design wants to define a dynamic volume as a “Villa”, without falling back into the classic situation of the “condominium”, and to create three valuable residences with their private spaces. The building is composed by three clear volumes, in three different levels with singular functions and all these characteristics generate a modular alternation between solids and voids on the facade. Solids are material, covered with local stone, wood or plastered, whereas voids leave enough spaces for wide covered terraces for conviviality and expansion of internal rooms. The generating project phase gives importance to the closing of the East and West facade towards the next parcels and to the opening of the North and South facade towards the country in the background and the green spaces of the city. Around the building there is a wide green private area divided between the units of the residence and it is planted with local medium and little trunk essence. The volume of the ground floor is a monolithic base, covered with a light stone cladding, and it holds the first functions of the building: the entrance hall and the private garage of each residential unit. The first floor, connected with an elevator, is symmetrical divided into two parts by a service block, covered with vertical wooden slats that underline the presence of two separate units. Along the North and South facade there are terraces, and along the East and West facade there are many vegetation tanks for small bushes and plants to mitigate the pollution, to support the thermal control of spaces and to give value to the building into the urban contest. The third unit is developed in the second and third floor and it is characterized by a continuous and glazed volume. Also in this case, side elevations are blind and solid to preserve resident’s privacy, while front elevations pointed towards the country and green areas, they are transparent, glazed and with large terraces to enjoy the outdoor space. The windows are equipped with thermal break insulated glass and the frames have a bronze finish that enhances and illuminates the large openings. The project includes the use of high-performance materials to create a tailor-made location that can be functional and comfortable for all residents. The roof is integrated with a solar system with photovoltaic panels to produce electricity and all the systems meet the requirements for energy saving, sustainability and renewable sources.


 Padova - Rubano
 IMFOS S.r.l.
 1000 mq
 Arch. Diego Zanaica
 Arch. Danilo Turato, Arch. Arianna Gobbo, Arch. Mattia Reggio


Tecnostudio S.r.l. is an engineering and architecture office; since 1978 it operates in Mestrino Padova following the Europeans’ standards. It is directed by Arch. Diego Zanaica and Arch. Arianna Gobbo, and it is composed by a rich technical staff.

The activities cover a wide range of fields, and are constantly evolving:
• Commercial / Directional / Housing: Countless buildings, including a shopping mall of 90.000m2 and a 16 floors resort hotel of 200 rooms;
• Residential: High-energy standards building, built with eco-friendly materials and green building;
• Production: innovative buildings for the advanced solutions of construction solutions and finishing;
• Public Works: several dozen works between school and university buildings, civic centres, multi-purpose rooms, outpatient clinics;
• Infrastructure / Planning / Environment: urban improvement action, implementing masterplan, environmental impact study, redevelopment projects and mitigation of green infrastructure.


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