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Hengji Tianhui Sunhe Villa group, in a multi-level community

Ni Bing + Beijing TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Ni Bing + Beijing TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

The project is located in Sunhe Group, east Chaoyang District of Beijing, 5.8m away from the fifth Ring Road and 19.3km away from the central city. Sunhe Group is located in the southwest of the central villa area, where many top villa projects have been built. And this group has excellent development condition, which also is the core of the future development of the central villa area, and new value of low density area in Beijing! The north side of Sunhe Group is pure low-density residential, the south side is commercial office, the center is landscape park, next to the cultural industry land. The planning of this group is balanced and convenient for transportation. Sunhe Group is self-contained, which can attract the surrounding high-end people and unify the standard of living level of residents. Surrounding villa products are mainly courtyard villas, townhouses and duplexes. Their architectural space lacks modern quality living experience, community landscape lacks shared activity space, and the relationship between architecture and nature is not close enough. Then we need to make innovative breakthroughs in residential communities and architectural space to meet the living concept of contemporary urban elites. How to innovate and create competitive livable products? It is necessary to pursue the uniformity of human living space and community space, design a life model suitable for family ecological growth according to the corresponding customer groups, and create a new model of human habitation of "the villa in the forest". a. Point layout, surrounded by nature: Residents can enjoy the transparent 360° landscape vision in the villa, just like the landscape that exists for architecture, so that the living life returns to nature. A large area of French Windows is adopted to create an extremely wide view, forming an integrated surround-type landscape, allowing life to unfold around the landscape, creating a sense of ecological living experience, and feeling the ultimate view. b. Multi-level community: Combined with the spatial structure of "one heart, two rings and six groups", a multi-level landscape system is created. Through the links of the two entrances and rings, the main landscape axis is set up to undertake the burden of improving the environmental quality of the whole park. The secondary group landscape is designed around the main landscape area, extending to each individual building to form a complete landscape system. Inside the main ring, in front of the club, create a social landscape space - community garden: you can hold community activities here. A semi-private garden space is planned between each of the four buildings - group garden: to provide a pleasant scale of communication experience space between the adjacent owners, but also to provide a more diverse public communication area for the whole park. Each house is planned to have a private courtyard, ground level to ground level courtyard, roof garden on the fifth floor, overlooking the natural landscape, as well as the community landscape. c. Streamlined facade design: The traditional four-slope roof combined with three-section classical design, the top and middle layer are separated by metal lines and aluminum alloy profiles, adding more gradual change, with the beauty of sunlight flow; The facade interface is transparent, providing a wide view from multiple angles, so that the natural landscape flows into the interior space, and people live in the green. d. Flat living function: The internal space is flexible, and each space is integrated, which can connect daily life scenes. The large migration space enlarges the space and makes life efficient and convenient. Large public space, fully show the temperament of luxury house, to achieve the ultimate life experience. The layout of the space is also flexible to meet different family structures and lifestyles. The smaller the number of users, the larger the public living space. Open space makes people walk in the house like walking in the forest. This customized life is a vibrant space for growth. The concept of the project makes residents trance the source, return to nature and let green environment surround building. There is more contact between space and landscape, so that sequence can touch nature, and bring multi-level and multi-dimensional shared space. Therefore, architecture and community can meet the essential needs of human living space, and create a new model of human living.


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 Ni Bing + Shi Kai
 Ni Bing + TIANHUA .office 1 .Beijing Branch


Ni Bing: Mr. Ni Bing, Senior Vice President and project chief of Henderson ( China) Investement Co.Ltd, has designed many high-end works in his decades of career, which have won unanimous praise in the industry. Mr. Ni Bing adheres to the people-oriented design concept and is committed to providing more high-end and comfortable living experience for the owners through design. In the design of this project, Mr. Ni Bing has realized the garden style of villa products, created the ultimate circle social platform for the owners, and creatively created a unique luxury property project in Beijing.

Shi Kai Honorary titles: The 9th Youth Architecture Award of Architectural Society of China, Tianjin youth post expert Tianjin new Long March shock, Top ten Youth and Outstanding Youth of Tianjin Planning Bureau, First-level candidate of Tianjin "131" Innovative Talent Training

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