Office of Architecture in Barcelona OAB - The standard Ibiza Salon Vara de Rey, moving between Mediterranean tradition and contemporary
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The standard Ibiza Salon Vara de Rey, moving between Mediterranean tradition and contemporary

Office of Architecture in Barcelona OAB

Hospitality  /  Completed
Office of Architecture in Barcelona OAB

The new Boutique Hotel of Standard Hotels located in the urban lounge of Vara de Rey in front of Dalt Vila, sharing a block with the emblematic and historic Hotel Montesol, completes the central island of the city of Ibiza, a place of strict protection as a World Heritage Site. A white wall facade skin curves at the intersections of Vara del Rey with Ramón y Cajal and this last one with Bartomeu Vicente Ramón. A single opening in the façade, 1.20 m wide and 2.30 m high, extends to an open balcony with a 0.80 m flight. The sliding wooden slat blinds go through the railing and detach from the wall, causing a play of shadows on the white wall avoiding dirt and deterioration of the facade. This game evokes the vernacular architecture of Ibiza, the white wall, the openings according to traditional measures, as well as the combination of the three materials that have always defined a traditional balcony, the metal railing, the glass hollow and the wooden shutters. The design of the façade is based on the premise that the new building will be located in an area of ​​great cultural interest, Ibiza’s historical heritage in the so-called PEPRI area (Special Plan for Protection and Interior Reform). The intention is to recreate a traditional Mediterranean façade but at the same time contemporary. An exhaustive study of the different windows in the Mediterranean, in Ibiza and more specifically in the typical and representative buildings of the Passeig de Vara de Rey area has been carried out. The aim is to generate a façade capable of transmitting the vernacular values ​​of Mediterranean and Ibizan architecture and therefore a façade fully integrated into its context while at the same time trying to use mechanisms specific to the abstraction and rigor of modern movement and architecture. contemporary. First of all, a white façade is defined, in white stucco in a matte tone, typical and corresponding to many of the typical, characteristic and traditional buildings in this area of ​​the city. The color white will be the unique and essential element of the façade. After analyzing a set of different windows typical of the Mediterranean, it is concluded that what makes the character of the Mediterranean window interesting and valuable is that there are many different types and varieties, the originality of each window is what generates a great cultural wealth. So we designed a window and balconies that, like the rest, work with the most essential and characteristic element of vernacular architecture: the Light worked in a new and original way. The desire to locate typical matte white blinds (which could be made of wood or for maintenance reasons, made of aluminum) makes it possible to establish a game with the shadows that will be projected on the façade. Finally, the façade on the ground floor, and more specifically on the side of Passeig de Vara de Rey, has openings that give it a more stately character and in accordance with the institutional nature of the other representative buildings on Passeig Vara de Rey.


 KKH Property Investors
 4940 mq
 Carlos Ferrater and Borja Ferrater (OAB)
 Collaborators: Ignasi Fontcuberta / CC245 Arquitectos / Iván Torres
 Interior Design: Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio / Structure Engineering: STATIC Ingeniería
 Joan Guillamat


Carlos Ferrater is an architect with a coherent professional career since 1971, who has combined professional practice and academic experience, having proved his worth in many projects of enormous relevance. OAB picks up on the trajectory of the earlier studio, whilst incorporating new ways of understanding architecture on the part of the members of the team in a richer and more flexible way of approaching project design. The renewal and creation of this new platform will attempt to confront the challenges that the architecture of this century has posed in the intellectual and social, technological and environmental fields. To touch upon the theoretical aspects of the project and upon the innovation and investigation of new technologies, without forgoing a respect for the location, the social origin of the work of the architect, and the constructional rationale in the latent aspects of thei proposal and the development of the design.

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