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Le Grand Café Rouge, playing with deforming reflection and with the spirit of Barcelona

Studio Odile Decq

Hospitality  /  Completed
Studio Odile Decq

The ground floor of Antares tower, in interaction with the street, contains the lobby, the restaurant, an outdoor garden reserved to inhabitants and a multi-use garden pavilion, on the edge between street and garden, open to public from the restaurant and containing an outdoor terrace. The important height of the tower’s ground floor combined to its monumental waving glass facade procures a specific spectacular character to the ground floor spaces. The building shows openness to its surroundings and at the same time the undulating facade plays with deforming reflection, both attractive and reflective in order to preserve its private aspects. The restaurant is more than a restaurant. It is a new signature place where the architecture resonates with the contemporary atmosphere of a French brasserie. Thus, the architecture and the cuisine together define the meaning of this place The characteristic of the place is given by its very narrow width which escapes above in the mirrored ceiling and by its very high and sinuous transparent facade which totally opens the view to the outside and from the outside to the inside. The ceiling and the facade together blur the notion of limit. The entrance is from the side on Rambla Prim. Upon entering the restaurant, the long, narrow, vertical space is directly embraced. Between the wooden floor and the reflective ceiling, a long red winding ribbon runs from the entrance to the terrace at the other end of the space, the red lacquered wooden bar. This red ribbon goes to one of the last columns around which it spirals and ends in an ovoid red volume floating above the restaurant tables, at the top lookout post on the square. In the space above, three large chandeliers fly above the tables. They are made of multiple objects of stainless steel and frosted tubes, small balls of lights, pieces of mirror, shapes of absorbent materials and can be described as clouds. Together, the chandeliers and the red volume are, here too, multiplied by their reflection in the mirrored ceiling which creates a sort of infinite sky. They are designed to give the restaurant a specific signature that blurs the boundaries between architectural space and artwork. From the building’s architecture, which is inspired by the beauty and the spirit of the Barcelona area, to the smallest details of the finishes are part of an integrated design attitude and have been conceived and developed in a coherent spirit of fluid and ergonomic design. It is what we can define as a Global Design approach.


 432 mq
 Odile Decq
 Studio Odile Decq
 Fitarq SLP
 © Odile Decq / © Fernando Guerra / © Carlos Allende


Studio Odile Decq is an international firm represented by Odile Decq, established since the beginning of the 80s. Its Architecture is recognized and published around the world and has received numerous awards. The Studio integrates intimately technique and innovation, while keeping a human scale, close to the projects.

In the organization, Odile Decq takes on the role of project manager, with the support of a core of international confirm architects trained at the Studio, in charge of the project’s development. This core is complemented by a team of young international architects.

The conceptual process, centred in experimentation, is closely followed by Odile Decq. In an organizational form close to the "workshop", the external consultants, engineers, participate actively and regularly in the progress of the project. The design includes from the start all the parameters to succeed, in an initially iterative approach, to arrive at a perfectly integrated project.


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