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Crossing Hotel, a solid entity full of light and spirit


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Let space blend with time, and time gradually disappears within the space: therefore, we use the construction of order massing to orderly transform the original rugged building space, filtering light through the grilles and reflective device, and then gradually disappearing into the shade. The light so beautifully captures and reflects the plant tables, chairs and items inside the space. I disagree that hotels are synonymous with hedonism, they can be spiritual, enlightening, existential. Therefore, by re-combing the old buildings, we can increase the span of beams and columns, deepen the passes and open Windows, so that the space will become a solid entity full of light and spirit. The entrance and atrium, establishing a space looking up in the ancient Roman way. The light flows into the space from the preset top of the building and infuses the viewer's perspective, which makes the heart instantly moved. The two wings of the lobby are extremely irregular, and the sense of stability can be generated through the columns of order, so that people would like to stay in the lobby with a quiet experience, and enjoy the body and mind moderately. Everything is under the control, without extravagance and nihility. The grille of the core tube allows light to stream in and out of the circular corridor, along an arc to the interior, where it becomes dark until our eyes get used to the faint light. Finally, I stepped into the dark elevator and went to the guest room. Such a special psychological transformation process is also the basic principle of human existence proposed by The German philosopher Martin Heidegger. However, such a residence must be poetic, an unity of spiritual and material. As the people who are about to check in, they enter the room floor via the dim elevator, the light starts to become extremely dim but gentle. The preparation for opening the guest room is holding the aluminum oxide metal handle, the silent door hinges, and open up the truly bright rooms throughout the hotel. Sunlight is shot through the window, the warm beech wood color bedroom wall blends with the calm restraint silver-gray aluminum plate that presents a faint diffuse reflection, which brought a kind of condense and slow atmosphere to the whole room. I hereby confirm that every space has its spiritual characteristic and pure functional attribute. To build a good space, we must fully consider the characteristic of the space and refine the attribute of the space, so that it can truly become a place that can absorb emotions, create special feelings and make people willing to stay.


 Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
 10000 mq
 Mr.Yao ,Louis Hou


Huizong Design And Research Office Chief Architect
Honours Bachelor Degree of BA,
Pace University, New York He Studied Architecture At Parsons School In New York
Louis Hou
Huizong Visual Design Director
Acg Art Lecturer
Bachelor Degree In Industrial Design, South China University Of Technology
Postgraduate, Industrial Design, Coventry University, Uk

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