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A giant snowflake to live: Rogla entrance pavilion


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The new entrance pavilion Rogla acts as an entrance point to recreational centre Rogla and therefore the visitors' first contact with the centre. It replaces an existing hospitality facility at the ski resort and incorporates all the programmes required by the resort users: ski pass sales, ski service, ski storage, bicycle rental, a shop, ski school premises, a restaurant, a children's play area, and more. The pavilion's appearance thus explicitly reflects its importance. The circular, centrically designed building is erected on a slightly elevated hillock next to the main entrance to the ski resort. The articulated design is based on the natural elements of the immediate surroundings on the one hand and the scale and materiality of the vernacular development on the other. It acts as a sort of connecting element and carries just enough emphasis to become a new spatial dominant of the tourist resort. With its regularity, the centrically arranged sequence of the characteristic gable roofs addresses itself to the passers-by who access the building from various directions; at the same time, such design allows the building's users to enjoy unobscured views from the interior in all directions. The structural design of the building is very clear and readily legible. The basic timber load-bearing structure of the roof is at the same time also the key visual element of the new entrance facility. The lower floor, most of which is dug into the terrain, is made of reinforced concrete. Above it is a structure made of glulam beams, which are placed into two concentric arrays in a cruciform pattern so as to evenly support the homogenous, sheet-decked roof, which covers the entire programme. The lower, dug-in storey, which partially opens towards the central access from the road, houses the ticket office, the shop, offices, as well as facilities for the repair, storage, and rental of skis and bicycles. On this floor, there are also all the necessary service spaces and visitor restroom facilities. All the programmes are accessible from a single western-side central access, which covered stairways connect to the exterior restaurant terraces on the upper storey of the northern and southern part of the building. The connection of the two programme levels for the disabled is via the lift situated in the building's interior. Most of the upper storey is dedicated to the restaurant. The centric design of the building is reflected in the organisation of the upper floor. The timber load-bearing structure divides the floor into two sections. There is the outer perimeter with most of the restaurant's seating with pleasant views of the surrounding landscape, and the inner, more introverted section organised around a large fireplace, which plays host to a more intimate programme. The upper floor is connected with the exterior decks on either principal side of the building by means of two vestibules. In the north, the decks open towards the main access from the chairlift; in the south, the decks are sunlit most of the day and offer pleasant views towards the valley.


 1.812 mq
 Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Peter Sovinc, Sara Mežik, Polona Ruparčič, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Goran Djokić


Enota was founded in 1998 with the ambition to create contemporary and critical architectural practice of an open type based on collective approach to development of architectural and urban solutions. Constant changes and new complex situations in the world around us drive us to think about new architectural and urban solutions. In order to be able to produce answers to those new questions we believe it’s time to surpass the boundaries of conventional discipline set mainly by our cultural backgrounds. Enota’s team of architects focuses on research driven design of the environment where study of contemporary social organizations and use of new technologies are interwoven to produce innovative and effective solutions. Enota’s solutions are strongly influenced by research, reinterpretation and development of social, organizational and design algorithms that derive from nature. The result is always a strong binding of the buildings with the environment that surrounds them.


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