line+ - Four one-story buildings of Pear Expo Park of Dashi Village: two stone homes, a pavilion, and a reservoir
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Four one-story buildings of Pear Expo Park of Dashi Village: two stone homes, a pavilion, and a reservoir


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Zhongshan, Tonglu, a tiny town in southern China, is the site of the project. It is well-known for its pear culture and is a symbol of China's National Geographical Indication. The location is bordered by pear trees on the southeast hillside of Dashi Village. The foundation has four one-story buildings: two stone homes, a pavilion, and a reservoir. The new building must be built within the scope of the current building, according to municipal construction rules. The project position is a pear culture theme institution, which hosts cultural diffusion, extensive learning, planting academies, and local villagers' activities, and has evolved into a new form of rural rejuvenation. Pear Expo Park, unlike traditional educational institutions like as schools, is a themed educational institution that provides outdoor learning and experiences for tourists of all ages. As a result, the architectural design should take full advantage of the unique local conditions, regard the structures as a part of the environment, and provide learners with a multi-dimensional immersive experience of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and so on, in order to provide a pleasant learning experience. The design first creates a sensible circulation and then transforms the four existing structures into exhibition halls, workshops, squares, and a café based on the function demands. The architectural design increased the main volume to the second story, hanging above the wall in the shape of a wooden attic, to gain the greatest view of the scenery on the hill. The building's skin is a texture woven by wooden grids that blends into the local landscape with a local architectural language while being both sophisticated and wild. The building's ground level is surrounded by a wall and is utilized for spatial purposes that demand greater attention and solitude. And the grey spaces created by the walls provides another learning possible. The location of the outside pavilion has been changed into a plaza with an infinity pool, which considerably enhances the spectacular views. The basement of the pool square has been transformed into the public space of lecture hall. Another challenge of the project is building in the highlands. The rubble is recycled as much as possible for wall masonry, and components like glass, timber grilles and steel keel are prefabricated at the factory into the smallest unit before being carried to the site for splicing.


 1050 mq
 Zhu Peidong (Chief Architect / Design Principal), Li Binmiao, Liu Hao, Zhang Zhen (arhitect)


Founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong, line+ is a diversified emerging design firm with international reputation. Currently, it has offices in Hangzhou and Shanghai. "line" is the boundary, based on architectural design, and "+" aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industries, take "space empowerment" as the core strategy of research and creation, and respond to the existing problems of urban and rural areas in the current era, so as to realize the value iteration and release of architecture in social, economic, cultural and other fields.

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