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Fan Zhongyan Memorial, floating memories


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In remembrance of Mr. Fan Zhongyan, the project is a new age national celebrity cultural institute that mixes exhibits, public services, and facilities. Fan was a Chinese poet, politician, philosopher, writer, military strategist, and one of ancient China's most prominent Scholar-officials. Fan left a philosophical, educational, and political impact that altered the direction of Chinese history. While Fan spent the majority of his time ruling China, his numerous actions and teachings, epitomized by his well-known statement "Be the first to suffer the world's sorrow, and the last to enjoy its ease," have served as an inspiration to the Chinese people for a thousand years. Fan is a famous member of the Fan family and is regarded as one of China's most renowned academics, alongside the philosophers Confucius and Mencius. As a result, the architecture design focuses on Fan's concept of bearing hard first and enjoying comfort second, and transforms it into building shape and space tour circulation, with the goal of inspiring people to learn more about Fan. When we think of the Song Dynasty, the first thing that springs to mind is its widely distributed poems and captivating paintings, the most renowned of which is Qianlijiangshan (Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers), which inspired the design. Green landscapes, gardens, and pavilions from the painting elements are transformed into architectural components. Furthermore, the circulation of mountain-entry, garden-viewing, and pavilion-viewing, as well as the changing lighting, allow visitors to experience Fan's ideology. The wavy, turquoise solar tile roof matches the painting's green mountains and rivers. The modified roof replicates the overlapping connection of historic tiles, allowing light to fall through the gap and brighten the water courtyard space, which was a typical garden design during the Song Dynasty. Visitors may enjoy the thrill of travelling through the twisting hallways and the water courtyard before arriving at the pavilion on the top floor to appreciate the magnificent views of Tonglu and in remembrance of Fan. In order to realize the large span of the roof, we used tree-shaped columns and steel-wood grids in the building structure, and laid custom colored curved photovoltaic modules on it to form layers of stacked tiles in response to the green landscape and traditional roof texture. At the same time, in order to make the building structure avoid the tunnel in the site, we also adopted the arched truss, so that the building spans the tunnel like a bridge, and also enriches the interior space effect of the building.


 8500 mq
 Zhu Peidong (Chief Architect / Design Principal), Li Binmiao, Zhang Zhen (arhitect)


Founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong, line+ is a diversified emerging design firm with international reputation. Currently, it has offices in Hangzhou and Shanghai. "line" is the boundary, based on architectural design, and "+" aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industries, take "space empowerment" as the core strategy of research and creation, and respond to the existing problems of urban and rural areas in the current era, so as to realize the value iteration and release of architecture in social, economic, cultural and other fields.

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