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Cavatina Hall, the pleasure of experiencing every music note


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Cavatina Hall in a unique way combines office and cultural functions. In addition to the office space, the facility will house a recording studio and concert hall designed to the highest acoustic standards. The 1,000-seat hall can also be successfully used for conferences and presentations. Combining these functions is a kind of response to the region’s needs. Bielsko-Biała is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Poland with a demand for high quality facilities, and at the same time it is a city which has so far lacked a large concert hall of any real standing. There is one such place in Poland. A city located at the boundary of cultures, at the foot of the picturesque Beskidy mountains, where the views are as beautiful as the most beautiful sounds of music. Bielsko-Biała is also a centre for the development of services for business and high tech: from the IT industry to the aviation industry. This is where Cavatina Hall was founded. The concert hall and recording studio will combine commercial functions with the promotion of art in a unique and modern office building. It is the first building of this type in this part of Europe. No matter where you sit. The Cavatina Hall concert hall has been designed in such a way that all kinds of music sound perfectly throughout its interior. Its acoustics bring out the full colour of sound during symphonic concerts, chamber concerts of classical music and hit tours of pop stars. Behind the exceptional sound quality is the most advanced sound system in this part of Europe, which enhances the pleasure of experiencing every note. Cavatina Hall concert hall in Bielsko-Biała has received BREEAM certificate on Excellent level. It is the first building of this type in Poland to be environmentally certified under the BREEAM system. Location: Cavatina Hall is located in the center of Bielsko-Biała, at the junction of Dworkowa and Sempołowska Streets. Architecture: the characteristic spherical body of the concert hall is adjacent to a 6-storey A-class office building. Cavatina Hall for concerts, congresses and conferences provides a 2020 sqm concert hall that can accommodate 1000 people. The hall meets the highest acoustic standards. Cavatina Hall also offers: Chamber Hall for 50 people and a recording studio. Additional services and attractions: guests of events organized at the Cavatina Hall will benefit from a parking lot with 224 spaces. The facility also has terraces with a total area of 613 square meters.


 8178 mq
 Piotr Jasiński
 Piotr Jasiński, Michał Koterba, Jacek Mielewski, Filip Knapczyk, Eliza Lulińska
 Cavatina Holding


Cavatina Holding S.A. is one of the leaders of the commercial real estate market. It bases its operations exclusively on Polish capital and boasts a project portfolio of 0.5 million square meters, under development until 2022. Since launching its operations in 2015, the developer has achieved incredible efficiency and growth momentum, as evidenced by new investment projects in Poland's largest cities such as Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Katowice and Łódź. In January 2021. Cavatina Holding S.A. made its debut on the Catalyst market by introducing 3.5-year bonds worth PLN 20 million.

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