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A magnetic pole draws the flow direction of Hainan Chronicles Hall

ZHUBO Design Co., Ltd.

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ZHUBO Design Co., Ltd.

The project is located in the middle of Hainan Cultural Park in Haihaikou City, covering an area of ​​4145 square meters. It is connected to the Comprehensive Service Center in the west and the Hainan Provincial Museum in the east. Between the two halls is a planned public square. The south side is the planned road. This site is a concentrated expression of the conflict between two urban environments—the corner of shantytowns and landscaped green spaces—on the one hand, the city’s main road with a strong sense of order, and on the other, crowded shantytowns that lack unified planning. Although the old and new urban spaces are adjacent to each other, the division in scale, mechanism, urban style, etc. forms a contradiction that is difficult to reconcile on both sides of the plot. How to deal with the complex site conditions and the negative urban environment, and how to create an open exhibition-type urban public building on such a leftover land at the corner of the city, is the core challenge of this design. 1. Magnetic poles of urban space Instead of responding directly to the contradictory and negative site conditions, we used a powerful building to break through the shackles of the surrounding bad environment. Use this as a "magnetic pole" to improve the quality of urban space. We let the main body of the building condense at the southwest corner of the plot, and even stick to the adjacent comprehensive service center. This retreat fully released the corner on the northeast side of the plot, forming an open and friendly urban public space facing the Provincial Expo. Then, a twisted curved surface based on the Mobius ring is used to connect the spaces on both sides to shape the building. This form creates both an impressive urban image of the building and an interesting spatial form. The smooth and smooth surface shows great tension. It continues the urban façades in two directions and then deforms and dissolves them, blurring the inside and outside, up and down of the space, smoothly connecting the interior space of the site, bringing together the public flow of people in two directions and dispelling them. Introduced into the building. The curved shape is like a flag, like an ocean wave, and like an endless number of mathematical symbols. These three images are subtly fused together, which is exactly the poetic expression of the identity of Hainan Provincial History Museum. 2. Carefully crafted The skins on both sides of the twisted curved surface have a unified order but also a flexible change. The aluminum panels of the linear standard unit are neatly assembled along the flow direction of the curved surface on the west façade, and slowly lifted up to the roof as if being blown by the wind on the east façade. The lifted aluminum plate gradually evolves into a sun visor, which not only provides natural lighting, but also illuminates the interior lights at night, outlining the wavy and dynamic shape of the History Museum. The lines flowing along the surface of the shape further strengthen the dynamic shape of twisting and rolling, and the rich texture of the skin makes the architectural shape more light and agile. The public plaza formed by the retreat of the northeast corner towards the museum has become a focal point for people to gather. The huge opening formed by the twisted surface shape here creates a dramatic entrance for the building itself - the public plaza follows the curve of the canopy and A spacious foyer connects, naturally leading people to the interior of the building. Entering the entrance hall, there is a full-height exhibition wall at the end. The huge mural extends to the negative floor, and the exhibition hall is set up around the atrium where the mural is located. The circular path of the visit echoes the shape, bringing the audience back to the central shared space every time, where they will see part of the atrium exhibition wall - the audience needs to travel through the various floors of the building to view the full content of the mural in detail. This design not only resolves the claustrophobic feeling on the ground floor, but also provides the audience with a continuous and holistic visual connection, adding interest to the visit. The top floor is equipped with research, communication and reading spaces. The natural light introduced by skylights provides uniform lighting for the reading space, creating a good research and reading environment. 3. Conclusion Starting from the city, the design does not focus on the project itself, but seeks to maximize the value of the site in the urban environment. Free and flexible forms and clear and powerful lines constitute a dynamic geometric aesthetics. Form, structure, space and function complement each other in a unified context, and finally present a pure and powerful city image.


 The Party History Research Office of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China
 9160 mq
 Feng Guochuan
 Aaron Robin, Gao Jingjing, Wang Yanzhi, Xu Yi, Zhang Junli, Deng Hua, Sheng Zhaoxin


Founded in 1996, Zhubo Design is mainly engaged in architectural design and relevant design and consulting services ranging from architectural design to urban planning, landscape design, interior design, etc., and is committed to the comprehensive development of the industrial chain of design and architectural technologies. After more than 20 years of development, we have expanded design services including prefabricated architecture, BIM technology, green building, sponge city, intelligent building and so on.
Taking the architectural design as the core business, we increasingly expand our businesses. On the one hand, we pay more attention to the research and application of advanced technologies and are awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” and recognized as the first group of “Prefabricated building industrial base”. On the other hand, we extend our reach on urban planning, civil design, landscape design, EPC, whole-process engineering and other consulting services.

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