Superform - Villa Route Home, a modern alpine house where to live in harmony with nature
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Villa Route Home, a modern alpine house where to live in harmony with nature


Villa  /  Future

Basis The project is based on a concept of a modern alpine house, which should express the investor's philosophy of life: living in accordance with nature. Sun, wind and other natural elements (earthly and cosmic) influence the design of the house. Design concept The identity of the location is represented by Pohorje and the surrounding hills with grape orchards. The view from the house is directed towards Pohorje. With its design, the house focuses the view through the atrium towards the entire mountain range. Architectural design is based on the idea of mimicry. Roof design mimics the surrounding hills with grape orchards rows. The design stems from the premise - roof as the essence of the house. The house becomes a meandering floating roof consisting of three units. Between individual units, two atriums are formed: the entrance atrium and the main terrace. The house has three functional units: garage (service), living area and sleeping area. The program is logically arranged from the public on the east side to the more private on the west side. At the junction of individual units, open spaces (atriums) are created, which offer access and open up views. The main atrium faces Pohorje (south and east) and provides protection from the elements. Landscape design follows the basic concept of the house - living in accordance with nature. Natural elements are used to blend the house harmoniously with its surroundings. On the south side of the building, the atrium and terrace are connected to natural swimming pool. The reflection of water according to Vastu has a beneficial effect on living in the house. The program is logically arranged from public on the east side to more private on the west side. Different function units follow each other in order: from service, living, to sleeping units. In the basement there is a garage with service part. In the attic in the sleeping area there is an additional guest room with a view of Maribor with the hills. Srtucture The house rests on an RC foundation slab. The basic vertical element of the house are the cores in each module (in the living room, in the bedroom and in the service). The construction is wooden (skeleton or studded massive wooden plates). The roof is made of studded solid wood panels. Materials The materials are basically sustainable, ecologically oriented. The selection follows the hilly landscape and the type of house. Floor covering and the ceilings are made of wood (massive final cladding). The walls in the living area, bedroom and hallway is stone (in a form of a rock - natural appearance). The roof is made of sheet metal (such as Rhein Zink). The ribs (flaps) on the roof are made with 10 cm vertical profile surrounded by sheet metal. The external paving surfaces of the yard are made of washable concrete. The terrace is from quality wooden floors. Element of water On the south side, an organically shaped water element (swimming pond) is attached to the atrium and terrace. The pool is made of two elements - the swimming part and the pond. The reflection of water in Vastu has a beneficial effect on living in a house. The reflection of Pohorje in the water further emphasizes the identity of the location. Exterior The exterior follows the basic idea of the design and blends harmoniously with the house and the landscape. Between the meanders of the house are organically shaped green functions (forest island, fruit island, vegetable island). Existing concrete wall next door on the west side is turned green.


 290 mq
 Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha, Marcel Žnidarič
 visualisation: Goran Djokić


SUPERFORM is an architecture company from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is distinguished by its recognisable and unique custom-made and customer-centric architecture.

»In the Superform bureau, we create responsible and recognisable architecture that expresses our client’s identity. Together with our clients, we cocreate and upgrade the built environment for a more beautiful world. We believe in architecture as something beyond function and form. It is a multi-layered experience based on stories and adventure.

Architizer - Finalist; Residental building, 2022
BigSee – Winner; Interier design, »Fluent design«, 2019
The Plan Award – Winner; Showroom and Car Park – Future, 2019
The Plan Award – Winner; Production facility Tajfun - Future, 2018
Archdaily – Nomination; Building of the year ’18, Office building
Architizer - Finalist; Industrial building, 2016

Community Wish List Special Prize

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