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GM Villa in Umbria, the green heart of Italy


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GM Villa is located in the green Tiber River Valley context of the Umbria Region. The project was born from the will of the client to build a large house for an expanding family, which could accommodate several families and comfortably accommodate the children of the owners residing outside the region: the first need of the client was to be able to accommodate three apartments within a single building, which should have, formally, the appearance of a single-family house, equipped with common services (garage, swimming pool, lift, large garden). The design solutions were strongly influenced by the land configuration, characterized by a slight but perceptible slope along the east-west line, with the aim of avoiding architectural barriers, containing, at the same time, excavations and ground movements. The final result is a building organized on four levels, which follows the course of the ground, connected by two internal staircases in a central position. In order to reduce the length of the access ramp to the garage, it was decided to bury it by half a floor: the ramp is architecturally integrated into the composition thanks to the large canopy and is flanked by the access stairway that leads to a raised patio which distributes to the entrances of apartments 1 and 3, which is located above the basement and directly connected to it by an internal lift. The main apartment (U.A. 1, as well as apartment 2, is set on the ground floor and is completed by an upper level, designed to enjoy the view of the surrounding natural environment and hosting the studio of the owner, characterized by a large terrace overlooking the pool. Apartments 1 and 2 share a large outdoor porch that allows to exploit the outdoor space, characterized by the large swimming pool that frames the west facade of the villa. The large sliding windows allow a direct relationship of the interior spaces with the landscape and the facades are characterized by plastered walls alternated with parts covered in stone. A deep perimeter gutter, in correspondence with the roofing floors, protects the facades and the external path that surrounds the building. The basement structure is made of reinforced concrete, while the other structures in elevation are made of steel, with the aim of obtaining maximum lightness and strength. Particular attention was paid to the environmental sustainability of the new building. Thanks to the adopted technology, the casing allows particularly low transmittance values: in particular, were used external dry walls filled with 28 cm of double-density glass wool insulating layer. On the roof, the insulation is made of rock wool and eps sandwich panels for a total of 22 cm. On the floor, in addition to the 3.3 cm EPS insulation, was installed 10 cm lightweight insulating substrate. The building has both a photovoltaic system with monocrystalline silicon panels with 20 kWp peak power and an underground tank for the recovery of rainwater (with a volume total storage of 34.8 cubic meters), mainly reused to irrigate the large green areas available to the villa. Mainly locally produced materials were used, with a supply distance of less than 150 km. Regarding the indoor environmental quality, light and air play a decisive role: the windows, protected by fixed overhangs and equipped with packable aluminum sunshades, are particularly performing, with overall thermal transmittance values not exceeding 1.8 W / m2K and solar factor varying between 0.49 and 0.65. In addition, the house systems are designed to obtain a high efficiency of air exchange in all environments, which are equipped with a controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC), with heat recovery. The villa has a radiant floor heating system, divided into zones equipped with temperature probes that allow to manage the temperatures in the individual areas using both a fixed panel located in barycentric areas to the apartments, and smart devices (smartphone and / or tablet).


 Via Martiri di Serra Partucci n.10, Umbertide (PG)
 G. M.
 432 mq
 Arch. David Coccia
 Architecture: Geom. Michela Violini; Structures: Ing. Emanuele Marcheggiani, Ing. Letizia Violini, Geom. Laura Fiaschetti, Geom. Tommaso Palazzini; Plants design: Ing. Michele Magrini Alunno, Ing. Francesco Vitali; Safety: Geom. Giacomo Bazzurri (CSP), Geom. Giacomo Palazzini (CSE)
 S.e.a.s. srl
 Electrical system: P.I. Michele Tosti; Swimming pool and green arrangements: Pool garden design srl
 Metal carpentry: Tecnotaddei srl, Costruzioni metalliche di Cerrini Roberto; Metal roofing: Impercar ecology system srl; Walls and partitions: Eda Domus; Electrical system: Alunni Impianti srl; Mechanical and thermo-hydraulic system: Innovazione termoidraulica srls; Windows and frames: Baroni snc; Furnishings: LUBE, Meozzi Per Arredare e Per Outdoor
 Giorgia Fanelli


EXUP s.r.l. is an engineering company established in 2009 in Umbertide (PG), born from the merger of three associated firms. EXUP curriculum includes projects of public and private architecture, architectural restoration and consolidation of historical artifacts, integrated design of industrial works and infrastructures.
Our architectural reflection are based on the city and time: for us, good architecture cannot renounce confrontation and reflection with them.
The themes we are passionate about are construction technique, sustainability, modernity, understood as the ability to choose, and study of detail.
In 2014 Exup received the M.A.R.I.E. prize for the environmental sustainability of two projects realized and in 2015 won the first prize for the "New ONAOSI College" design competition. Since 2018 we are GBC Italia members.
The staff consists of 26 people; our works are located in Italy, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.


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