Matteo Fiorucci - Stoppiacce is a modern sculpture in the folds of time
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Stoppiacce is a modern sculpture in the folds of time

Matteo Fiorucci

Villa  /  Completed
Matteo Fiorucci
An old farmhouse, badly restored in the 90’s had great potentials but needed to be stripped of the invasive and inappropriate interventions putted in place during the last renovation works, to recuperate its own soul.
The volume was overall confused and off balanced. Was missing of something to be a fluid and comfortable space as a contemporary home deserves to be. Adjacent annexes buildings was used as storage and swimming pool was almost abandoned.
The building has been completely stripped, old cement renders, prefab ceilings, tiled floors and walls has been removed and replaced with reclaimed wood and terracotta tiles ceilings, lime plaster and handmade terracotta tiles or polished cement on the floors. Rooms has found a new layout, more respectful of the solar exposition to have appropriate natural light during the day, according to the use of each space. Has been added an extension that as well as is using a vernacular language on the shell (due to laws restrictions), it has been thought to have a quality of the light and a sense of space that is clearly contemporary on the inside. A new sculptural stair has been placed barycentrically to reconnect the different levels of the house. Traditional material and historical techniques such as ‘stucco romano’ or ‘scialbatura a calce’ has been declined in a contemporary way, with the aim to create a soft, embracing space for holyday retreating periods.
Handmade partially enameled and partially rough terracotta tiles (from Estro Lab collection designed by Matteo Fiorucci for Cotto Etrusco), has been used on each bathroom. Cement Furniture has been designed by Simon Green and produced by Ambito Cementi specifically for this project. Kitchen is a full stainless steel shell made by Officine Fanesi, with inox vintage finish on cabinets doors and reclaimed wood for the island top.
The underfloor Heating system is using a high efficiency heat pump powered with photovoltaic panels and solar panels for the hot water. The air-conditioned system is hidden in the wall thickness to minimize its visual presence. All the systems, are driven by a webserver always on line in order to have access from any device connected to web, and control from abroad heating, alarm, electric, irrigation and every other systems of the house.
Annex buildings has been completely restored and converted into 2 separate dependance with bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Around the main building has been created large terraces covered with light-structured pergolas to live, on the good season, the outside in continuity with the inside.
The old Swimming pool has been dismantled and replaced with a new one with its own Pool Gazebo in more harmony with the place and the original ground levels. The overgrown garden has been thinned out and stripped of the exotic out of place trees, to be brought to a more natural look and in harmony with the surrounding panorama, while the old abandoned pond has been cleaned, restored and terraced to have an extra place for amenity and relax.


 Cortona (AR)
 486 mq
 Matteo Fiorucci per Arcostudios e Simon Green per Moholondon
 Matteo Fiorucci, Simon Green, Silvia Burbi, Matteo Calestrini, Helen Green
 progetto strutturale Alessandro Petrani, geologo Filippo Rondoni, progetto impianti Simone Suriani per PRAIT
 Cotto Etrusco pavimenti e rivestimenti, La Linea di Castello opere di falegnameria, Officine Fanesi cucina, Vetreria Fuganti opere di vetreria, De Carlo Group infissi, CMA Argentari opere in metallo, Ambito Gubbio finiture in cemento, Eurocot trattamento pavimenti
 Mattia Aquila, Matteo Fiorucci, Simon Green


Arcostudios was founded in 2003 by Barrie Briscoe and Matteo Fiorucci and was born from a strong belief in the importance of the preservation of architectural heritage, combined with an awareness of how our surroundings can profoundly effect and enhance the quality of our lives.

Our philosophy is thoughtful restoration combined with an openness to new elements of design, integrating aspects of eco-friendly and sustainable innovations. We strive to balance and harmonize sustainable architectural design and architectural heritage preservation in all our projects. Our philosophy cannot simply be translated into practices, building materials or technologies but informs an overall perspective that depends on thoughtful and responsible choices.
Another field of expertise is product design, where we have developed and evolved new designs for Cotto Etrusco, Ambito Cementi and Officine Fanesi amongst others.

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