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Contemporary Living - A House with a View is the ultimate modern living experience

Richard Parr Associates

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Richard Parr Associates
On an extraordinary site that overlooks the final furlong of Cheltenham Racecourse and the stucco buildings of Cheltenham, ‘Contemporary Living – A House with a View’ springs from the hillside in two cantilevered wings that reach out to embrace a spectacular view. With the ambition to redefine the English country home, Richard Parr Associates’ design of the residence channels urban forms and re-situates them in a country context. The consequent home offers the ultimate modern living experience - complete with contemporary spaces, a rich palette of materials and technology working together in synchronised harmony.

Working closely with the client, Richard Parr Associates’ design encapsulates the needs of the 21st century family, creating spaces for entertainment and relaxation, whilst embracing the property’s spectacular setting. The resulting residence is a restful sanctuary that reinvents the way the client enjoys the landscape, framing the views and removing barriers to enjoy it. The interior of the home maximises the use of space with minimal formality and offers flexibility to accommodate home entertainment and family guests.

Located on a hillside, the new home acts as architectural arrowhead and anchor. ‘Contemporary Living — A House with a View’ is formed of two cantilevered wings stretching across the site, with a multi-level, diving board-like structure reaching out to long views of up to 50 miles. The two wings frame the view and shield the outdoor space, creating a sense of privacy and concealing the property’s exposed, hillside position. The bold white façade is complemented by locally sourced Cotswold Stone and takes inspiration from the juxtaposing country and urban views. The crisp white render echoes the white stucco of Cheltenham below whilst the Cotswold Stone nods to the Cotswold escarpment that the site is embedded within.

Spread over three floors, the interior of the home sees the materials paired down with flowing timber screens, adding warmth and a seamless flow to the multi-storey, interconnecting spaces. Rooms are reduced to an economical size and internal spaces are maximised to leave no rooms unused. These indoor spaces are situated across the two wings and include five en suite bedrooms, a living room, study, indoor and outdoor kitchens, indoor pool and spa, games room, and a home cinema.

The entrance hall plays a pivotal role in the overall design, bringing the opposite wings together. At the centre of the space sits the main staircase, which is rendered in a crisp white. The darker wooden panelling of the surrounding wall underscores the clean white accentuated lines of the staircase, allowing its contemporary design to become the focal point of the entrance. The ascent and descent of the staircase creates a sense of journey through the home. The design focuses on simultaneously rising through and viewing the house, for as the staircase ascends, the pathway leads outside and back in again. Windows and timber-screens are carefully positioned to provide a ‘live’ rendering of the weather and landscape, and act as controlled frames for the view.

The design of the property is in keeping with Richard Parr Associates ethos; to create lasting architecture that is rooted in respect for the environment, authentic materials and craft. With design decisions informed by the expansive view and are contextualised by the surrounding landscape, Richard Parr Associates have designed a contemporary home that resonates with the Cotswold escarpment it sits within.


 1145 mq
 Richard Parr Associates
 Richard Parr Associates
 J.M Weston
 IQ Glass – Glazing system, Dales Fabrication Limited – Aluminium cladding, Carlton Smith - Internal joinery and timber cladding, Bauder - Roofing and PV cells
 Gilbert McCarragher


Richard Parr Associates is a RIBA chartered architecture and design practice, based in London and the Cotswolds. Specialising in modern traditionalism, founder Richard Parr, honed his interests in transforming historic built fabric by restoring his Georgian farmhouse and then Easter Park Farm – now Richard’s home and studio. Richard is a graduate of Newcastle University and the Architectural Association in London. He refined his skills in the sensitive adaptation of historic buildings whilst working for architect Guillermo Vásquez Consuegra in Seville. Subsequently, Richard ran the Madrid studio of design consultants Fitch, leading high-profile retail projects. In 1994 Richard founded Richard Parr Associates in the UK. The studio focuses on designs for established retail brands and private residences – with projects ranging from English rural and urban homes to retail concepts for European cities. The practice provides a complete design service to enhance the lives of its clients.

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