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Marina Development Corporation (MDC)

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Marina Development Corporation (MDC)
The Proposal provides for the realisation of the urbanistic-building and functional “connection” between the higher part of the city and the Marina San Giuseppe neighbourhood, with the forecast of a building density that is similar to the adjacent Lungomare, that can guarantee the installation of stable communities of residential, touristic and accommodation facilities for the development of the “Borgo del Forte” neighbourhood.
The goal is to reach a new urban philosophy, that highlights the "public advantages" of the increase of the ability to build and other various improvements including the possibility to regenerate other degraded parts of the territory, by assigning them to public functions to integrate them in the urban and infrastructural system, with which it is possible to launch synergies for the development of the economies of scope and scale.
The proposed project scenery is developed according to two thematics and directives:
Area Borgo del Forte that provides for:
1. A built up frontline, at the level of the Passeggiata Marconi, in continuity with the hamlet of Marina San Giuseppe to which it is connected and is the completion. The type and morphology of the new buildings on the frontline will be perfectly coherent with the existing buildings.
2. The area built up along the hill side, which is placed organically in the semi-natural landscape of the ancient no-longer cultivated "fascias”, is the “completion of the new building amphitheatre to crown the Marina” foreseen by the PUC.
The frontline buildings that are in continuity with the Passeggiata Marconi will house the accommodation function and will be designed with mainly urban characteristics considering the type of building (built along a line) and dimensions (the maximum height must be the same as the existing buildings, which have 5 floors above ground), with the ground floor that can also be used for commercial and public activities, or public and private services, and flat covered surfaces to be used by the guests.
The construction designed to be built-up along the hill side will be different, between the building curtain on the front and the respective fascia up the hill, with characters that are close to the territory, managing to “blend in” with the use of the correct type of materials, the architectural forms and the vegetation. The new buildings will therefore be created on terraces, following the line of the ancient cultivated fascias, with prospects characterised by the use of simple materials and flat plant covered roofs.
The external areas will mainly be composed of pedestrian green areas and pathways, with only an emergency and service road. This area was historically characterised by agricultural “subsistence” uses where they did not plant any type of decorative tree essences, whereas this project is geared towards a different use of the territory and a new vegetation installation will be designed, to create an organic and well distributed detailed landscape project, that will be created following the line of the architectural projects and creating an organic system.
Area Borgo del Forte Campus that provides for:
The area is a former abandoned railway warehouse built next to the delta of the Nervia River where the satisfaction of the urbanistic standards generated in the volume forecasts provided in the Distretto Borgo del Forte project, according to the DM 1444/1968, will be carried out with an ample requalification project of the abandoned railway areas.
In this new Service Pole we have provided for the realisation of “Public Services” such as “extra-burdens”, operating within the Municipality, assigned for:
- Swimming pool (Olympic size swimming pool) with the realization of the extra service areas (dressing rooms, etc.): approximately 3,000 m2;
- Gymnasium, dressing rooms, and clubhouse: approximately 800 m2;
- Restaurant area: approximately 300 m2;
- Polyfunctional building: exhibition and events area/ space, conference room/classroom, coworking space and offices warehouses: approximately 1.500 m2.
The Proposal provides for the completion of the services offered to the population with the realisation of ulterior local and territorial Services operating with the Municipality:
- International school 5.000 m2;
- Offices, restaurant and accommodation areas for the service of the functions installed within the school 700 m2;
- Guesthouses for students/athletes/personnel 1.400 m2;
- Tennis courts and external polyfunctional spaces for events and various activities to the service of the functions of the complex.


 BDF fund, managed by Namira SGRpA, Via Durini 15 Milano Italy
 December 2024
 40.000 m2 mq
 Marina Development Corporation (MDC) Srl, Via Manfredo Camperio 9 Milano Italy
 One Works
 Callison RTKL (Arcadis group), CBRE, CITEC, Deloitte, Horwath, Legance, Chiomenti, L&BP, NewConsult, Nomisma.


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