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The main wish of the investor and the principal creator of the idea along with an active support by the team of architects has been to start a wave of renewal of the ancient cultural heritage in his country which everyone would equally enjoy it both internally and externally. The combination of modern materials and technology predominantly in the interior combined with the distinctive appearance of neoclassical and transcendent style in architecture is the absolute expression of the modern age fostering eternal values.
Building a home is not a personal matter, but a social responsibility to offer the world something unique and something their city or even their country still does not have.

The main challenge of the project was the question of how to conform traditional architecture to a new way of life, which brings different requirements and needs. This poses a challenge of how to preserve the authentic architectural style, while the program, that is, the way of utilizing the house has completely changed. Modern technologies accompanied with modern materials have been used to the maximum extent, especially in a constructive sense by exceeding vast ranges that were much more challenging or even insoluble two centuries ago. Swimming pools that are not on the ground but on the roofs of the building, facilities that are intertwined in their function or multifunctional spaces quickly adaptable to another purpose, all of which make these spaces even more meaningful and upscale.

It was required that the building would have a symmetrical facade, massiveness and decoration with antique stylistic elements. Buildings of similar stylistic elements were built in Belgrade from the second half of the 9th century to the Second World War. The edifices were built for the headquarters of institutions, banks and similar corporations. During the design stages, the aim was to harmonize and coordinate the proportions with the golden ratio. The foundation of this building is inscribed in a golden ratio and the base is in the shape of an inverted Cyrillic letter "p", which created a sheltered inner courtyard. The entrance façade is dominated by a vaulted entrance, covered by a roof terrace supported by two pillars. The entrance is of the same proportions as the base of the dome with the main dome. On each corner of the building, there are square domes as a motif. The central part of the building is a circular hall that vertically turns into a dome which vaults the room at the roof level. The structural composition and make-up came from the desire for the building not only to be an illustrated facade, but also for it to adhere to its internal dimensions. The floor to ceiling height as regards the ground floor and the first floor are 6.5 m each, and the explicit height of the circular hall is 17.90 m. The floor is indented in relation to the ground floor, which creates a clear division by levels whereby giving the building the character of residential architecture.

In the architectural sense, this unconventional home was designed in the spirit of the architectural features of neoclassicism ranging from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. The design and materials reflect the embodiment of the given period where the techniques and plastics of the facades were used in the spirit of that time. It is designed in an orthogonal grid, with a central dome.

The basement level in terms of its functional variety makes it conceivably the most original part of the house. In addition to technical and economical rooms, accompanied by the kitchen, facilities such as a workshop, i.e. the project development center with a showroom, along with an audio studio, cinema, multifunctional hall designed for sports activities, concerts, performances, studio recordings, etc. Furthermore, there is a pool space illuminated by zenithal lighting and directly connected to the yard, fitness and SPA zones as well as circular driving paths that frame all the mentioned facilities while at the same time, besides providing entertainment, satisfy all delivery needs for efficient functioning of such a complex facility.
The ground floor level is raised from the entry ground to a height of 170 cm. Impressive entrance with a hall that extends to three levels and through which you can see the courtyard directly connected to iy. The left wing comprises the dining room and the kitchen whereas the right wing is intended for the living room and the library. All levels are connected by four elevators and four flights of stairs symmetrically allocated from the central hall to the left and right wings of the house. Wing extensions are provided for facilities to be used by children and which may, if necessary, have full independence extending to three levels including the attic.
The upstairs floor is a sleeping area. Apart from the bedroom, the large bathroom and the living room, the parents' area is characterized by a very attractive wardrobe on two levels. There is also a guest room on the same level as well as a beauty salon.
The attic of the left and the right wing is separated from the central part of the house which forms the base of the dome but is connected to it with a large terrace which, with its size and inclusion of an outdoor pool, represents the potential for various events. In addition to the base level representing a living room, the dome has two more levels. The first is a sleeping area and the second is a working one with a spiral staircase which makes it possible to reach to the top of the dome's scenic viewpoint at a height of 37 m
From that spot and owing to the positioning of the building on the hill, one is able to see the breathtaking panorama of the whole city and the surrounding scenery. Both physically and metaphorically, this is the highlight of the house, architecturally starting from the bottom and reaching the top.


 Zeljko Mitrovic
 5830.00 mq
 M Enterijeri
 Mitrovic & Alexandar & Demic

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