JSD Design - Jasper Epoch in Beijing: a "Fashion, Ecology and Delicacy" based office prototype room
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Jasper Epoch in Beijing: a "Fashion, Ecology and Delicacy" based office prototype room

JSD Design

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JSD Design
This case is an office prototype room located in the commercial office building in Daxing District, Beijing. It is situated on the ecological and cultural development axis, radiating the resources of Daxing airport and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The customer groups are mainly geopolitical enterprises. This is not only their office space, but also the displaying site of corporate image, as well as the pursuit of personalization. In addition, more social functions are required, such as business reception and private banquet. With perfect supporting facilities and smooth traffic, here is suitable for business discussion, emotional exchange, leisure and entertainment, rest, and many other activities.
According to the surrounding environment and geographical characteristics, the design team extracted three key words of "Fashion, Ecology and Delicacy" to set the basic style for the project. With the humanistic care of nature, the tiredness in business life will be got rid of, thus to create a spiritual habitat in the urban area. Integrating nature, culture and art harmoniously, a green and healthy "Ecological Office Space" is built, which can provide people with an environment-friendly, safe, energy-saving, convenient, healthy and comfortable business office and leisure negotiation space.
Base on the positioning of the enterprise, the moving line and layout of the space are re-planned. The space is divided into three functional areas: office, reception and privacy. The moving line also follows the space from the outside to the inside. Office area: green ecological open office area for 20 persons working, rainforest style glass box meeting room, and brainstorming leisure area. Reception area: reception hall, red wine banquet hall, CEO office room with reception tea room function. Privacy area: CEO multi-functional fitness and audio-video room, CEO bedroom suite.
The scenes are given to the space according to the CEO's weekly time axis. From Monday to Friday, CEO may work normally, conduct customers reception in the morning, negotiate and hold banquet. For the nights of Monday to Friday and the whole days of weekend, the space can be used to maintain social circles. The private banquet area is connected with the negotiation area. The space is large enough and the experience is excellent. Both salons and cocktail parties can be held here. Besides, the multi-function room can be changed into a second bedroom to meet the temporary reception and living function.
The brainstorming area at the entrance is enclosed like boxes. The modeling implies that people will grow step by step, creating a three-dimensional structure and a variable space with rich levels, which is full of tranquility and elegance.
The green forest style open office area under the daylighting of the big curtain wall is always sunny. It is surrounded by green color, with the white paint and warm wood color as the main colors. Green is interspersed in the space, so that everyone in the abundant space can feel the return to nature in the office atmosphere. Thus, the communication of the space becomes free, relaxed and natural.
Rainforest style decorations are put on both sides of the conference room space, the lush green plants can be saw vaguely, therefore, the immersive meeting to return to nature is realized.
VIP reception hall is decorated with metal rimmed wired glass revolving door and wood wall. The space is full of the introverted elegant gray. Seats and sofas extract the lines and quality of Italian furniture, and convey the essence of elegance to visitors from details.
After the folding door is opened, the drink bar keeps the simple texture. The textured matching of marble and warm wood colors creates a rich sense of hierarchy and establishes a warm and exquisite space.
The ballroom is enclosed by arc-shaped leather materials and equipped with metal wine cabinets in matrix sequence, which brings full visual tension and sense of hierarchy as well as deduces the ultimate modern style.
As a place of meditation, CEO tea room is decorated with water and stone. Here people can meditate alone, or have a cup of tea with several friends, which can make people get rid of the complicated and noisy environment, stay out of the secular world.
The master bedroom with excellent daylighting, warm wood floor and metal leather bed back can bring people perfect sensory experience. The bedroom is equipped with walk-in cloakroom, multi-function room and an open and bright bathroom, providing the most valuable private space for business elites.


 Sino-Ocean Land
 539 mq
 Jian Xu
 Mengtian Song, Yang Yang, Xiangdong Kan, Qianqian Shi
 Jiangnan photography


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