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House in the vineyards: generous and open atmosphere of a modern cubic building

Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH

House  /  Completed
Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH
The unique site of the house on an extremely steep slope on the outskirts of Vienna captivates with a fantastic panoramic view over the vineyards and local mountains towards the Danube.

With this in mind, we and the client pursued the goal of bringing this special scenery into the house and making it a tangible experience throughout the entire building.

A 36-meter-long glazed beam with an external graphite-grey steel structure cantilevers freely for 12 meters floating above the massive base.

On the street side, the garage with storage and technical rooms is pushed into the slope. A staircase and an elevator provide access to the three floors. The wide overhang of the upper floor forms an inviting, covered entrance area that can also be used as a terrace.

On the garden level of the base, a hall with extra high ceiling welcomes visitors, connecting to the lower guest and children’s rooms plus sanitary facilities and a utility room in the rear.

A single flight of stairs leads from the first floor into the upper glass wing. It also separates the open-plan living-dining-kitchen area with fireplace from the private rooms such as the library, master bedroom and bathroom. The latter includes a free-standing tub with a view into the greenery, and a sauna. Visual axes from one side to the other enhance this generous and open atmosphere that was created especially on this main floor level.

From the intimate living room at the back, one can step directly into the terraced garden featuring a pool. At the front, the covered terrace with glass balustrade allows to enjoy the wonderful view.

The base of hand-cast concrete is articulated by evenly incised windows whose height follows the slope. Walls of exposed concrete reinforce the robust impression of the first floor zone, on which the graceful construction of the upper floor rests.

As a contrast to the transparent steel and glass façade of the structure, the interior is completely clad in oak like a wooden box.

Despite the all-round floor to ceiling glazing, this creates a warm atmosphere and a feeling of security without disturbing the direct connection to the surrounding nature.

The result is a modern, cubic building with high architectural standards that takes advantage of the difficult slope. Self-confident, with clear, almost strict lines, the house stages itself and the surrounding landscape.


 335 mq
 Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH
 Maria Megina, Alexander Janowsky
 Marc Lins


Dietrich I Untertrifaller is an international architectural practice with roots in Vorarlberg. We focus on the respectful use of resources, the development of socially balanced spaces and the appreciation of the cultural and architectural context. Since our founding, we have played a pioneering role in modern timber construction. Today, the office employs an international team of over 120 people in Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany. The entire spectrum of large-scale buildings, urban structures, alterations of existing buildings and single-family homes constantly challenges and inspires creativity. We often realize our projects together with local offices and regional partners. A decisive factor in all our work is the resource-saving and appropriate use of materials. We are well known for our expertise in design and construction and maintain this knowhow through trustful relationships clients, craftsmen and engineers. We continuously share our knowledge in lecture and teaching.


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