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Tauern SPA Zell am See-Kaprun: an extension with conical shape and natural design

skyline architekten ZT GmbH

Hospitality  /  Completed
skyline architekten ZT GmbH
Hotel extension with an internal connection

The extension has a consciously natural design with wooden balcony railings, gray plaster and a green roof, so as not to compete with the atoll-shaped existing structure with white facade and tin roof. The main building thus retains its dominance and clear legibility even from the distance of the mountains. The conical shape of the extension prevents view restrictions from the existing rooms. Even if you look directly in the axis of the extension to the North, the sloping green roof covers the impression of a building volume.

The shape of the new building takes over the architectural language of the existing hotel and thus makes the architecture of the extension a logical component of the overall composition with a sculptural effect and a strong, unmistakable identity.
The extension docks at the central circulation core of the existing hotel and can be reached directly and barrier-free from the entrance hall. The new building reaches the 2nd level of the existing hotel via ramp.

The bathrobe corridor on the 3rd floor of the new building enables a direct, barrier-free connection to the second level of the existing hotel and, as a further extension, access to the hotel spa with “skylinepool” and the newly built hotel spa “Gletscherview” on the roof of the public thermal bath. Through the views in and out from the interior connection and the light-flooded void through several levels, the circulation area around the guest rooms becomes a lively and exciting space.

The clear room height of the hotel rooms is 2.85 cm. The housekeeping areas are right next to the elevator core and are easily accessible. The construction of the ceilings, room partition walls and corridor walls is reinforced concrete. The thermal activation of these elements brings high, noiseless comfort when cooling. Ceiling fan coils can also be used for short-term cooling. The new prefabricated shafts in the hotel rooms, which also have a very good insulating effect, help save construction time and space.
The new building offers 61 room units with 122 beds and many connection options through the different rooms in order to maintain a high degree of flexibility in marketing. The additional daybed in each room can be pulled out into a full-size additional bed. On the ground floor, up to 8 units can be gradually combined to form a large single unit. The ground floor rooms offer a covered terrace with a small private garden. All upper floor units have covered balconies or loggias and a wonderful view of the Pinzgauer Grasberge. The hotel rooms use natural materials, a very differentiated artificial lighting concept, as well as a high-quality sleeping system, a luxurious bathroom, tools for digital detox (the circuits near the bed can be switched off) and state-of-the-art technology. Further amenities are smart TV, cable & satellite TV, air conditioning, minibar. The separated through stylish glass elements bathroom with shower and separated toilet space, harmonizes with the overall picture of high comfort.
Extension of the restaurant and kitchen

The radial expansion of the existing building brings the required additional space without disturbing the overall composition of the existing hotel. The light construction made of KLH wooden ceilings and visible laminated wood beams can be seen in the restaurant's winter garden. The new attraction of the restaurant is the show cooking island.

Fitting room / shop
The fitting room / shop has a prominent location fully visible when entering the new building. The jump in level along the ramp is used for exhibition purposes and as a seating area. The central location of the fittings room along the entrance to the new building and next to the fireplace increases the number of guests considerably. Bicycles and other products can be displayed under the sweeping roof.

The multifunctional fireplace has been reimagined and transformed as a space out of the existing building and is therefore clearly visible upon arrival. You also have an inviting view of the fireplace from the side exit of the restaurant extension. Larch wood shingles on the walls, stone cladding in Rauris natural stone and other natural materials and colors contribute to the overall comfort. Events such as readings, workshops and lectures take place regularly around the fireplace.

Hotel spa "Gletscherview"
The new attractions of the hotel spa "Gletscherblick" are unmistakable and, despite their presence, fit perfectly into the existing structure. By using the existing architectural language and design elements, they act as logical, associated components of the overall design. An overload with additional stylistic devices is deliberately avoided. Neither the new panorama sauna "Gletscherview" in the glass cone, nor the partially covered and with windbreaks new "Gletscherview-Pool" hinder the panorama view.


 Vamed Standortentwicklung und Engineering GmbH
 4483 mq
 skyline architekten ZT GmbH
 skyline architekten ZT GmbH, Christian Petras (project manager), BEHF Ebner Hasenauer Ferency ZT GmbH, Thomas Ehrenfried (project manager)
 Vamed Standortentwicklung und Engineering GmbH
 BAUCON ZT Gmbh GZ Engineering GmbH KWS Schiestl GmbH Atzwanger Anlagenbau e+s electric GmbH Großküchengestaltung & Design Gießner FireX Greßlehner GmbH
 Bau & Möbeltischlerei Voithofer Christian Höller Fliesenlegermeister Dachbau GmbH DI Thomas Francesconi Edelstahltechnik GmbH ELIN GmbH Feuerkristall Kamine Handels GmbH Fürst Möbel GmbH Hartl Bau GmbH Hasenauer Installations Ges.mbH Heinrich Bau GmbH Holzbau P. Rainer GmbH Josef Wick & Söhne GmbH Karo Metall GmbH KONE AG KWS Schiestl GmbH Mayerhofer Georg GmbH Metallbau Wastler GmbH & Co.KG Siemens AG Österreich Strauß Kälte- Klimatechnik Ges.m.b.H Tichy Glastechnik Tischlerei Scheschy GmbH Zehetner Einrichtungen GmbH P&P Vorhangkonfektion
 Franz Reifmüller skyline architekten Tauern Spa Kaprun


Established in Vienna in 2003, skyline architekten ZT GmbH have realised more than 40 projects.
Our specialised expertise also includes expert assessments and project support for Hospital construction and Rehabilitation centres.
Our formal approach is to be timeless and rational yet infused with emotion. Design is far more than achieving functional compliance.
We are committed to material efficiency as well as sustainability.
We aim for our buildings to stimulate the senses and take on a truly unique image.
We operate internationally and offer services for all planning phases through construction site management.
Since 2011, we have also been able to prove our abilities as prime consultant on a large scale, winning four competitions. Here, we make use of an effective network of well-proven partners from various planning and building disciplines.
That we have received numerous follow-up projects testifies to our clients’ satisfaction with our award-winning projects.


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