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Bonollo Headquarter, well defined glass and ceramic shapes

Atelier Cappochin

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Atelier Cappochin
The need to combine the industrial function with the administration and sales has led to a project that by using simple lines and well defined shapes does not deny its primary purpose.
Different materials and colours feature on the main façade and the ceramic layering gives a solid feeling to the first floor, which tricks the eye and appears suspended upon the transparency of the ground floor glass windows; at the back the vast automated warehouse is not hidden, just soften.
The two large entrances are enhanced by recessed glazing that interrupts the horizontal rhythm of the elevation and creates a vertical connection between the floors.
A sales area and two tasting areas are located on the ground floor. The space achieves the maximum light and transparency thanks to the glass façade.
The overhang of the first floor provides for a covered pedestrian walkway around the building.
On the first floor there are two main spaces: an exhibition space dedicated to the history of the centennial distilling Bonollo trade mark, and administrative offices designed to maximise working opportunities.
On this floor only, a central indoor garden becomes an important element of comfort and well being for staff; moreover two side openings allow natural light to emanate through the vertical connecting bodies down towards two further small indoor garden areas, the stairs and lifts. The curtain wall of the south elevation are protected by ceramic brise soleil that filters the natural light into the executive and meeting rooms. The roof top is a large space that will allow events and exhibitions to be enjoyed in the warm weather. The main structure is made in concrete precaste exept for the metal pillars of the perimeter, allowing for maximum layout flexibility and functional versatility. This facilitates the flow beween residential members of staff and outside stakeholders. The internal layout serves well the managerial needs of the business; meeting rooms and less formal spaces of varying sizes, together with the use of advanced technology systems, fixtures and fittings, empower productivity, innovation and efficiency. The automated warehouse with its pure geometries is placed behind the headquarters so that its visual impact is softened whilst maintaining a superior height so as to maximise its functional utility. Aluminum covering panels alternate with extruded aluminum profiles every 1.2 meters reflecting the modulus chosen for the headquarters. Instead the different exterior material is intended to highlight the different functions of the two buildings. The warehouse works on an oxygen reduction system and on a totally automated basis.


 Distillerie Bonollo Umberto s.p.a.
 9000 mq
 Atelier Cappochin
 Giuseppe Cappochin, Davide Cappochin
 rendering by Jacopo Berlendis courtesy of Atelier Cappochin


Giuseppe Cappochin Atelier, today Atelier Cappochin was established in 1982 by the architect Giuseppe Cappochin and offers a wide range of services both in the field of architecture and urban planning. A multidisciplinary team delivers projects that embrace the most recent technologies and innovations, with a special focus on social impact and environment.
Over the years the atelier has completed projects for a wide range of clientele : private commissions, local governments, regional authorities and international clients. Davide Cappochin brings a significant international contribution to the company, having joined the Cappochin Atelier in 2017 after working for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Tectoo Architects .

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