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VP22 - The Hidden Woods is a green lung in Milan


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The project is proposed on Via Vittor Pisani 22, nearby the Central Station of Milan, is located in a contest characterized by its strong urban planning and architectural elements. These elements play a fundamental role in guiding the project. The office development is getting built on an area occupied by a former sixties’ office block, currently under demolition, and it is characterized by the presence of an additional volume above the big terrace at level 8, where the most representative offices are located, fully transparent with a 360° view of Milan skyline.
“VP22, The Hidden Woods” is a green lung, whose atmosphere rich in variety of trees and shrubs is carefully chosen to make the short cycle of the day and the long alternate of seasons, tangible and appreciable from every desk. The wood, the heart of the project, is a place to get distracted, to find oneself and an opportunity to connect with nature. Together with the patio at level -1 and the panoramic roof garden on the top of the building, the woods play a fundamental role in the quality of this project. The building with its square base enhances efficiency of volumes, freeing up space for the nature, internally connected by the green areas at each floor. The cube on the top completes the composition, an object of absolute architectural merit not only for the technical definition of the façade, but also for the quality of the generated spaces.
The project is inserted harmoniously into the proportions of the urban structure of Via Vittor Pisani, integrating with the adjacent buildings. The unique ceramic façade provides the building with an identity making it a recognizable icon in the new scenario of the city. The cubic volume at the top will also make the building identifiable in the new Milanese skyline. This is a building designed to make the experience of working lighter and easier. Highly efficient and extremely flexible office plans are improved by spaces that meet the requirements of the new concept of smart working, placing the well-being of the person at the centre of the working life.
The ceramic elements of the façade are designed accordingly to the orientation of the building and coated with a special invisible water-based coating of titanium dioxide which gives self-cleaning, antibacterial properties. Dangerous gases such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides are transformed into inert salts, purifying the air from most of the pollutants. Thanks to this property, we can therefore speak of “hidden woods” that make the air of the surrounding environment healthier.
Office areas have been designed to guarantee high levels of flexibility while responding to the various company requirements. The open space layout can be easily customized thanks to the magnetic floating floors and the bandraster in the ceilings, which is sound-absorbing and sound-insulating, and can be easily inspected. In addition to the acoustic performance, it is also ensured high quality of air not only by highly efficient climatization system installed, but also thanks to the base water painting utilized on the core walls, capable of absorbing and neutralizing up to 70% of the VOC particles (volatile organic compounds responsible for internal pollution).


 Antonello Manuli Holding
 18000 mq
 Tectoo srl
 Milan Ingegneria (Structures), Erika Skabar (Landscape), Faces (Façade Engineering), B&B Progetti (Cost Management), Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi (MEP), Studio Idrogeotecnico (Geotechnical Engineer), Acustica Studio (Acoustic), GAe (fire), Telecert (sicurity), EVO3 (leed)
 Ediltecno Restauri S.r.l.
 Tectoo srl


Tectoo is a creative hub of architects whose partners’ background experience spans across many countries and continents: Europe, North America, Middle East and Far East, Australia and Africa.
Tectoo has been established by the Architect Susanna Scarabicchi, former partner of Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW). Her expertise, sensitivity and competence have been highly recognized around the world throughout the projects she led and designed over the past 30 years. Tectoo’s cutting-edge approach is also enhanced by the expertise of Architect Andrea Peschiera, with whom Architect Scarabicchi has had a productive collaboration at RPBW and who joined the firm as partner and director since its foundation, sharing the common focus on technical excellence and experimentation, developed through his international experience.
Tectoo is deeply rooted by architectural, environmental and social convictions while the best building concepts grow by means of a rigorous and innovative approach.


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