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The Atelier creates seamless harmony between all the spaces

atelier Avanzi

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atelier Avanzi
The Atelier

The building complex that houses the atelier Avanzi offices has an architectural character that harks back to the 1960s.
Looking on to the Galleria Cavour intersection in Bologna, the interior layouts and finishes of the office were typical of those years before being renovated and with designs by atelier Avanzi.
So, in keeping with this aesthetic, balanced between modern rigour and the elegance of the surroundings, a concept evolved: The Atelier.

Since the supporting structure consisted of reinforced concrete pillars, the compositional principle of non-load bearing sheet walls was applied to the renovation project.
The idea was to use the concept of full-height sheet walls to create seamless harmony between all the spaces; in this way each environment would organically relate to the adjacent one.
The space is arranged harmoniously with walls placed at right angles and parallel to each other. The positioning of the original large windows was key to finding a smooth and linear way to subdivide the spaces.
Lighting was crucial when developing the interior architectural concept: sufficient natural day light was needed to create large bright spaces. It was decided that this "box", with its deliberately pure shapes and colours, would be finished primarily with natural limestone. All the walls of the office were thus treated to give texture to the rectangular elements like the sheet walls.

In this modern architectural interior, slightly reminiscent of the Barcelona Pavilion concept by Mies Van der Rohe, we see the contrasting use of high-value, refined finishes and materials.
The entrance doors were embellished with a travertine finish, cut against the grain and stuccoed with resin of the same colour as the limestone, to give a stylish, contemporary touch.
The original Trani stone flooring in the entrance area and conference room has been restored and rendered opaque, while the other floors have been carpeted to tone in with the colour of the natural limestone walls.
The treatment of the ceiling was an integral part of the design because it would define and accentuate the clean, rectangular lines of the spaces.
Although each room is in full harmony with the adjacent one, the intended use of each space is identified by drop ceilings and lights, with recessed tracks and leds for rooms used by the public and chandeliers for the main offices.
The work of Atelier Brancusi proved to be a great influence on the design of the custom furniture by carpentry artisans. The constant interplay of protrusion and interpenetration between blocks is clearly visible in the bookcases and tables.

Architecture and furnishings are brought together through the use of a material of burnished brilliance – brass.
As in the works of Carlo Scarpa, the sheer lustre of this material is the star. The brass used in this project was treated to prevent oxidation and thus maintain its natural shine.
The small brass inserts in all the skirting boards and in the edges of the tables and bookcases become the "artificial light" of the spaces.
This play of opacity and sheen serves as the setting for an array of artworks, sculptures, lamps and vintage furniture accessories all seeking to achieve full harmony.


 atelier Avanzi
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 atelier Avanzi
 atelier Avanzi
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Atelier Avanzi was founded to provide its clients with interior design with the goal of sharing its own design vision. It uses a combination of materials, colours and forms to create projects which combine the creative process with sensory experiences in order to create unique and authentic environments able to harmoniously involve all five senses. The practice focuses its activities on design, architecture and interior design through carefully selected, specialised professionals, artisans and artists in order to spread its love for details and passion for art. Atelier Avanzi’s design vision is contemporary and sophisticated, yet also timeless. Each project is tailor made, created in a genuine Atelier, or artist's workshop. The concept is developed around the client's requirements, through the search for new inspirations, materials and furnishings. Respecting the architecture and proportions is key in the pursuit of a special, unique goal: "The sense of Place".

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