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Charenton, a compact u-typology building

Avenier Cornejo Architectes

Housing  /  Completed
Avenier Cornejo Architectes
The insalubrious existing building requires demolition. A competition has been organized by the lessor, Habitat Social Français, for the construction of 22 social housings which provide positive energy.

Each element of the project developed helps to reinterpret this urban fabric with the desire to blend in while assuming a fantasy and originality that are the real identity of the project.

Our approach for the design of this building "BEPOS", which produces more energy than it consumes, was to think first of implementation of more natural efficiency.
After several studies of the urban context and the PLU, it seemed to us relevant to propose a compact U-typology building, with a large frontage on the garden, facing south-west, limiting the shadows on the building itself.

In R + 7, it is also composed of three successive withdraws (recess) on the street side. Garden side, withdrawals allow to release two terraces.
The existing building had the distinction of overflowing the road. This overflow is kept on the new project. A curve allows its insertion and preserves the creation of a nook. The showcase of business premises is set back for more light and transparency.

The cladding of the facade on street is in solid bricks with bright mortar. For a coherence and a harmonious relation with its immediate environment, the pattern is woven and comprises natural mode. It makes a transition between the two terraced buildings, from the very composed to the simpler suburb building. The building thus integrates with its close environment smoothly.

The sun-drenched garden facade vibrates with perforated aluminum shutters. This system of occultation allows a management of the thermal regulation and intimacy of the terraces and interiors. The two gabled walls outline a geometric design thanks to bricks of different natures (glazed, enamelled blue, glass, ...)

Larger apartments are through or have natural ventilation.
They all have a private outdoor area, terraces or loggias. For each typology of apartment a research on the architectural and spatial quality was carried out.

The entrance to the dwellings extends the continuity of Rue Bignon. Framed by the windows of the business premises, glazed and through, it creates a "visual breakthrough" to the garden.
A moucharabieh naturally illuminates the bike room and the facades of the technical rooms are minimized on the street part to give way to glazed facades of commercial activities.

A garden is located in heart of islet, a cool and natural place in balance with the housing. Selected vegetation, left free, allows easy and occasional maintenance. The terraces of R + 6 are also vegetated.

The project is part of a contemporary elegance within the neighborhood, a delicate balance between interior and exterior, privacy and public space.


 1634 mq
 Avenier Cornejo
 Avenier Cornejo
 Schnepp Renou, Augustin Dupuid


Christelle Avenier met Miguel Cornejo from Chile in the ENSA Paris Malaquais.
They alternated assignments for Mathias Klotz (Santiago, Chile) and Douglas Deremer Architect (San Francisco, USA), before founding their firm in Paris.
After a winning project for the Électra (EDF) grant in Valparaiso, Chile, they developed projects for the City of Paris, social housing and equipment.
In 2014, after Avenier Cornejo received the Europe “40 under 40” award, they completed the day-care and young workers’ hostel at Paris’ Porte des Lilas in association with Chartier Dalix, which got selected for “l'Équerre d'Argent” and “Mies van der Rohe” awards.
In 2016, they accomplish three housing operations, in the capital rue Saint-Maur, ZAC Clichy-Batignolles and in Clichy, 38 social housing with which the agency wind the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Award.
This year, two projects are delivered, 88 housing units and a BEPOS building (Positive Energie) of social housing units in Paris.


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