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Efh Sua, a new interpretation of the classical saddle-roof

HEIMSPIEL architektur

House  /  Completed
HEIMSPIEL architektur
The Design of a single family house in a small village in Burgenland, Austria. A saddle roof was a strong requirement of the town development plan and is the traditional building type in this area of the burgenland. The project is reacting to this requirements with a new interpretation of the classical saddle-roof in shape of an asymmetric multiple folded roof. A U-shaped floor plan is organized in three “wings”, the different room heights are united under the folded roof and define the distinctive geometry. In respect of the traditional Burgenland town-character the house is presenting itself closed towards the street and opens up generously in shape of an atrium house to the western backyard and garden. A closed concrete and wooden fence underlines the closed appearance towards the street. Whereas towards the big garden, there are no strict borders between inside and outside – it is a smooth and floating transition, the windprotected terrace becomes part of the living room. Also the inside is designed to be an open and light-flooded living concept. Foyer, living room and kitchen are one continuous living space and define the heart of the building. The folded roof is defining the different zones and at the same time joining them as one unit. In the side-wings of the ground floor are on the northern wing the master bedroom and bathroom, on the other wing it contains a gentlemen bar-room with a separate entrance. From the living area a library staircase is leading to the first floor open gallery - which is used as a playground area - and the children rooms. Each of the children rooms has their own loggia. The void allows attractive visual sights between the two levels but maintains at the same time a feeling of privacy between both generations. A room-high curtain can separate the gallery from the groundfloor living area just behind the floating fireplace. The facade material is a rough-saw and pre-weathered grey larch shiplap shuttering – two different sizes divide the face: The area with windows and sunscreen elements are a small shuttering, the bigger closed and gable areas of the house are covered with a 14cm shuttering. The Roof-coverage is an elegant dark grey aluminium roof. As a special feature of the house folding and sliding sunscreen elements out of larch-shutters can be moved to change the buildings face as well as the in- and outsights due to the demand of the owners – sometimes are more open, sometimes a more closed appearance.


 374 mq
 HEIMSPIEL architektur
 Gisela Mayr, Julia Stoffregen
 Kölly Bau
 structural analysis - Petz zt gmbh
 Roof Timberstructure + Wooden Facade: Reumann Zimmerei, Constructor - Kölly Bau; Isolations,floor: Fpe Gross;
 Leonhard Hilzensauer


Heimspiel architektur is a young enthusiastic architecture office based in Vienna. We are passionate about solving every challenge, from tiny cottages to high-rise projects and urban master-planning. We analyze, we question and we realize existing qualities to develop individual concepts as a team together with our constructors to find the best fitting solution. Our architecture style can be characterized by clarity, functionality and great attention to detail. Having a sensitive approach to existing structures matters as much as translating and realizing the individual necessities of the future inhabitants in all planning phases on a very high quality level.


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