Challenge Design - Metal skin against the shadow: Yunyao Yubi Community Center
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Metal skin against the shadow: Yunyao Yubi Community Center

Challenge Design

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Challenge Design
1.Walking in the treetops
The road twists and turns, wander on the road to feel the wild fun

This building is adjacent to Chongqing Yubei District Huashigou park and located on a hillside, the designer coordinates the building and environment peacefully without trying to destroy or defeat their direct background. As a community activity center, hope that people will not look up to it, but lower their perspective to experience it personally, which is the destination of architecture.
The designer combined with the open space at the entrance to create an entrance pocket park, which is shaped into a green alley space through the undulating terrain. The green hills pilling up like sculptures and the trees growing at will, like a green barrier conveying the layer change of the space indistinctly, and the Rubik's cube sculpture wrapped in the green looks like the soft white light guiding the visitors faintly.
The landscape bridge is built on the hillside wriggled and scattered and integrated with the building. Visitors can feel the wild pleasure of walking through the trees. The movement connects time with space in its vivid flowing state, so that they can experience the sense of space-time order.

2.Hidden in the nature
Take the environment as the carrier, blend of insides and outsides boundaries

What makes hillside architecture different from other types of architecture is that it has a complicated and abundant environment carrier, and the design must regress to the essence to seek the organic connection between the building's external shape, internal space and the surrounding overall regional system. The design of this building is inspired by the luminous Rubik's cube, which is a floating flash point and memory point in the forest, carrying the future life of the residents, as well as a spiritual place.

Five boxes are superimposed on the hillside by using topological geometry, and the space is staggered through the twisting of the volume, and several open air courtyards are formed. Visitors walk from the tortuous landscape corridor, the building is wrapped by trees, which is partly hidden and partly visible. Time, space and objects are integrated into the building, people get a unique architectural experience in light, shadow, depth, texture and color through combination with visual and tactile and other perception.
The building has three floors, the designer has broken the normal flow allowing people to move from high to low. The polyline shape and starry texture of the entrance attract people to enter the building and walk through a long corridor to the box. The double height space gives people an experience of being suddenly enlightened. The dynamic design process determines the dynamic characteristics of the form and gives the space more fluidity.
In order to create a light and elegant form, the cantilever is used to separate the building from the hillside at the bottom of the building, so as to avoid the insertion of the building into the mountain as little as possible to reduce the damage of the mountain. The designer hope that after a few years of construction, the plants will flourish and the building will successfully blend into its environment, where there are only relationships without shapes. Lawn is planted around the building, which makes it easy for people to walk on it. The combination of building shape and terrain is also convenient for holding various collective activities.
The courtyard formed by space folding makes the internal space order no longer fixed. In the flowing space, the space penetrates and blends with each other, and the boundary becomes ambiguous. The circulation of the internal and external building makes the form of individual space less important and gives way to the overall space relationship. The building space has continuity which forms a wandering state.

3.Illusion of time
The benign dialogue between epidermis, space and light

Hillside architecture design is inseparable from the site, its essence is to pursue the harmonious relationship between man, architecture and nature. The skin of the three boxes on the upper part uses iridescence aluminum plate to make the building pure and clean. However, the color of the skin also changes with the change of the light flowing with the time, which becomes an effective conditioner for the architectural expression. It is designed with a black mirrored aluminum plate located at the bottom of the box, which crawls and hides above the hillside. Metal skin against the shadow of the whirling branches that appears no longer dull and hard, but with soft light hazy image in front of us. A benign dialogue is established between the skin, space and light, which is connected with the outer space in a graceful form.


 Longfor Group
 1571 mq
 Peng Xu
 Xianwang Li, Yongming Hu , Bin Peng
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The aim of Challenge Design Pte Ltd (Class A architectural design office) has been to provide "refined design and professional service" since its foundation. Challenge Design has been working to find a way for realization of harmonious co-existence between architecture, human being and the nature, hoping to find a possible way for bring renewed sense experience and creating new thoughts & spatial forms through creative thinking. The company has won many international awards, including 12th International Design Awards "Architect Design of the Year" (of which there is only one) and the "New Commercial Building Gold Award." They also include the 2018-2019 A' Design Awards Platinum A' Design Award in Architecture, as well as the 2019 BC Wood Design Awards International Design Award, 2019 German Iconic Awards Winner,2019 German Design Awards Winner, 2019 REARD Global Design Gold Award, 2020 Asia Pacific Property Awards Winner.

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