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Red Sea beach house


Villa  /  Completed
Designed for a couple residents who live in Riyadh, wanting a beach house gateway, the villa is set on the Red Sea, North of the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, in a newly expanding area, where there are numerous resorts and the tallest tower in the world under construction .The complex includes four different buildings: the main villa facing the beach, the indoor parking for 20 cars with all the technical facilities, the staff accommodation for families and the men accommodation close to the main gate.
The main villa consists of three buildings, on a 6x6 m module (and a submodule of 1.2x1.2 m reflected in the flooring pattern), arranged in three different directions. The North block is aligned to the heliothermic axis, the remaining two directions follow the boundaries of the plot. Among these three elements are the main entrance and an external staircase that connects all three levels. The main body, covered with wood, contains the family living environment, service areas and a dining room for guests. On top of it a roof garden used by the owner as meditation space, surrounded by an infinity shallow pool that allows the parapet absence. The South body houses the living room for the guests and the northern one has the master bedroom suite and the library upstairs. The three areas are located on different levels in order to allow the architectural juxtaposition of geometric volumes and the gradual natural path form the villa to the beach.
The ground floor includes a large entertainment area in the center, a large gym, two guest rooms, a spa and accommodation for service personnel. While the west side of this floor has a wonderful view of the sea that can be reached after passing the large infinity pool, the east side, where the gym is located, overlooks a large waterfall that visually connects the entrance level to the ground floor level, and a shallow pool that becomes part of the interior space reaching the central courtyard through the "floating lobby"
In order to have a privileged view of the sea, the access to the villa takes places from the first floor: the access road goes up, in fact, by about four meters from the property main gate level to the villa's entrance, so as to hide under artificial hills with extended roof gardens all service buildings: parking, technical rooms and staff accommodation. Only Few materials have been used: split face Tivoli Travertine and Teak wood for exterior and interior cladding; brushed Travertine slabs and American walnut parquet for floorings, Metal with bronze texture for columns and decorative fireplace.
We have taken into particular consideration the direction and the path of the sun during the year so that the buildings, despite being characterized by large glass surfaces, reduced energy consumption for summer air conditioning. This was achieved by appropriately orienting the large openings and shielding them with massive sliding sun blinds or through deep overhangs that could reduce solar overheating especially during the hottest hours of the day. All this in addition obviously to highly insulating wooden windows characterized by low-emissivity reflective double glazing with very low transmittance. Great attention was also paid to the thermal insulation of the building envelope using thick rock wool panels both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


 Arabia Saudita
 9000 mq
 Vincenzo Provenzano
 Ariel Aceveda, Nour Eddin Alsabbagh, Elie Makhlouf, Nada Haddad
 Alkayan, Berti, Sidel, Settipani marmi, Al Sarraj, Artemide, Flos, Antonio Lupi, Toscoquattro
 Mohammed Abdulkarrem


UDG (Urban Design Group) is an interior design and architecture firm with expertise in high end residential, commercial, retail, and beauty projects. Based in Jeddah, UDG was established in 2008 by Omar and Veronica Abudawood with a team composed by International Designers from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Vincenzo Provenzano has joined UDG team at the end of 2010 as Chief Architect. After his studies as a classical pianist, he studied Architecture at University of Palermo. Following an initial training with local practices, he went on to specialize in sustainability and environmentally compatible architecture in Florence and Milan. In KSA he continues his professional path driven by passion for innovation and a personal approach to the architectural practice.

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