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The Panelarium

KTX archiLAB / Tetsuya Matsumoto

Health  /  Completed
KTX archiLAB / Tetsuya Matsumoto
Dr. Matsubara an international award-winning urology surgeon is a specialist of the Davinci Robotic Surgery System. His new clinic in Himeji, Japan, echoes his advance by offering a futuristic sci-fi like atmosphere.
The Davinci Surgical system has been growing fast in the recent years to reach more than 4000 units worldwide and about 250 in japan. Dr. Matsubara, head of Urology department in Himeji Red Cross Hospital, and one of the few specialists of the robotic system, is establishing his own clinic. A dangerous move considering the Japanese fictitious hierarchy: Major Hospital, general hospital, and the clinics to be on the lowest rung of the ladder. The design of the new clinic needed to advocate for the Doctor’s true value.
All surfaces of the space were finished in white generating a pure and clean atmosphere. A tribute to hygiene acting as a three-dimensional canvas, on which functional, yet exquisite panels punctuate the monotony. The panels are white except for one side, the opposite to the surface they are mounted-on, which is either black or a back-lit translucent glass. While the panels have different depths, making a streaked spatial sculpture, the distinctive side has a standard dimension of 500x70mm². The composition of the panels on the walls, ceiling, and floor obeys observes two rules: the balance and the function.
The deepest horizontal panels are 480mm and serve as benches in the special waiting space. Next to them less deeper panels turned into mini counters furnished in white chairs, where the patients can use electronic tablets explaining the medical procedures. Other vertical panels offer some privacy to the waiting patients by covering their faces on both right and left sides. On the reception counter and in the special waiting room panels have also been used a as a base for the glass showcase where physical samples of the heads used in the Davinci surgery robots are exhibited. The showcase in the waiting room is visible from both interior and exterior of the clinics where explanations were placed. Some of the panels mounted on the ceiling are used to support the signs showing the room function, these signs are duplicated with black pictograms on the doors. The surface of the door is white, only the depth is black and the handles which are also made in the same spirit of the panels.
The playfulness of the panels and their sharpness conjugated to their simplicity and the brightness of the space implements a straight forward image of the cutting-edge medical services provided in the clinic.


 Matsubara Clinic
 145 mq
 Tetsuya Matsumoto
 Motoaki Takeuchi, Farid Ziani, Homare Hattori
 Stirling Elmendorf


Matsuya Art Works / KTX archiLAB
Established in 1976, Matsuya-Art-Works is a four decades experienced company acting in the architecture, design and construction industries. The company has a wide range of building types in the portfolio, though specialized in the commercial projects. Matsuya-Art-Works conducts projects according to the client’s business strategy and materializes it into an interior space or a completed building. Its mission is extended beyond the reception of the finalized project to guarantee a good functioning of the business. The KTX archiLAB was founded in 2006 to sustain this activity by producing high quality designs. The Japanese based company has received numerous local and international awards for its projects conducted both in Japan and foreign countries.


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