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ITU Library is a conceptual design for a main central campus library for the Istanbul Technical University in Maslak, Istanbul. The design is based on an algorithmic generation of form that acts as an interface between the information contained in the library and the dramatic structure of the building. The expansive modularity of this system of arches creates a liquid, organic arrangement conducive to the flow of information in a new electronically mediated idea of the library as an interface. The proposal extends GAD’s design research into the different design permutations of structure as expressive architecture.
The design for a new Istanbul Technical University Library by proposes a new information based program for the main university library but importantly envisions an innovative knowledge based design strategy for the Maslak, Istanbul campus of Istanbul Technical University. The Library design calls for an expansive structural system that provides an organizational rationale for the shelving of books as well the structure of the building that will serve as a model for the future growth of the university. The design centers on a system of arcades that join together generating the individual volumes of the building. The non-standard geometry of these arcades creates an organic experience of space and light bringing together the exterior and interior as one environment featuring an exterior roof garden emphasizing the role of nature in the daily life of the University. In this way the iconic design of the Main Library in the center of the Istanbul Technical University Campus envisions a holistic future where information, man and nature are joined together as one.
The design is based on an algorithmic generation of form that acts as an interface between information and structure. The expansive modularity of the system creates a liquid, organic spatial plan conducive to the flow of information in a new electronically mediated idea of the library as an interface between the library visitor and the universe of information. Students enter into this immersive experience picking their path through the library’s hybrid structure and programmatic volumes that define rooms and openings. The intriguing geometry of the Istanbul Technical University Library is based on the practice’s continuing research into the algorithmic structure of arcades emphasizing knowledge as the basis of the design and the Library as an innovative zone of the experience of form and structure as a 21st century idea of organic spatial knowledge.


 13700 mq
 seda tugutlu, cemal erol, emre bilol, ensar kaya, burak paksoy, beste dabakoglu, aylin degirmen


Principal and founder of GAD - Global Architectural Development, Gokhan Avcioglu and his design team have been producing dynamic, innovative concepts for projects ranging from small private homes to extensive Urban Master Plans in Turkey around the world for over twenty-five years.
Led by Mr. Avcioglu, the dedicated International creative staff of GAD takes an unconventional approach to creating projects that push the boundaries of architectural thinking. Supported by his GAD teams, Mr. Avcioglu has won numerous awards, including the 1997 Turkish Architecture Prize, a Bronze Medal in Miami Bienal in 2003, German Iconic Awards in 2014, Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design Award in 2015, 2014 and 2012,
MIPIM AR Future Awards in 2017, 2013 and 2012, and. The American Architecture Prize in 2017, WAFX Smart City Prize in2017 and AR Future Projects Awards, Jeu d’Esprit Prize in 2017. A number of his projects have been nominated for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

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