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Overall Planning and Design of Andaman Lianhua Lake International Tourism Resort

Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
‘Andaman Lianhua Lake International Tourism Resort’ is a project that introduced by Chengdu Tourism Bureau and Dujiangyan Municipal Government, invested by Shanghai Regalia Group to build the first comprehensive tourism destination project in Southwest China. The project is located in Xiang’e, Dujiangyan, covering an area of 5,000 acres.

Difficulties and problems:
1. Chengdu's current tourism market is mainly for cultural tourism and nature tourism types. The model ‘outdoor adventure + sports and recreation + tourism’ is not mature.
2. How to achieve the development goals under the premise of maximizing the use of natural resources and minimizing the destruction of the ecological environment.
3. How to give full play to the advantages of Regalia Group and highlight the features of the project.

Positioning and goals:
The project hopes to create a resort-style paradise that combines mountain sports, forest adventures, water sports, health and wellness with the model of “tourism + outdoor adventure + sports and recreation”.
Through this project, the following aspects will be promoted:
Economy: Promote local employment and promote local economic development with a new tourism growth model
Society: Promote communication activities, parent-child education through entertainment projects and activities organization; provide more opportunities to contact with nature
Environmental Sustainability (EI): Eco-Technology for Environmental Sustainability: Ecological Building, Retain green matrix and ecological continuity; Rainwater Management, Energy Management

Five strategies:
1) Respect site condition, draw out ecological protection zones and unsuitable construction zones
2) Protect ecology and nature, protecting the current vegetation, hydrology, and animals
3) With low-impact development, the buildings are hidden in the forest and blends with nature; the site implements rainwater management
4) Traffic is connected in series to build a connected, multi-layer transportation network system
5) Introduce featured activities and formats to attract tourists and promote local employment

Implementation path:
1. Systematic and diversified product system: tree houses, treetop zip lines, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, archery, downhill and free fall, mountain biking, horse riding, children's entertainment (green school), Locke bar, star Pavilions, green schools, guest houses, yoga pavilions, spa pavilions, most of the buildings and roadside architectural pieces are all made of wood. The designer uses a bamboo path to connect a series of wooden structures that resemble a “tree house”. The wooden structures with different shapes are scattered in the depths of the bamboo forest. They are quiet and elegant.
1) Visitor Center
The visitor center and reception center are constructed in combination with the floor-to-ceiling glass, with wood frame construction and metal finishes. The architecture is combined with the unique landscape of the dry landscape. The design concept of the container creates a fashionable sense for the Dujiangyan with Taoist history and culture. A two-story wooden structure is like a pearl embedded at the foot of the green hill.
2) The Mountain Hut
The arrangement of houses in the resort breaks through the normal group mode. It consists of large and small, different style tree houses, and the natural barriers composed of bamboo and other green plants are very ornamental, which protects the privacy of the guests. Each building is named after a planet and a constellation. Each constellation has a different character, so it also designs different shapes for tree houses of different constellations. It can be seen that the designer is innovative.
3) Natural Education Base
The wooden structure in the forest adopts the concept of ‘parent-child education’ that interacts with nature. The original wooden facade, childish interior decoration reflects the concept, and the carefully set fences also protect the trees and forests.

2. Ecological design: All site selection and building design are based on the principle of adapting to local conditions, protecting the original ecological environment of the bamboo forest. The external streamline and space arrangement of the building is under the premise of maximizing the effect of the landscape. Due to the building features of construction at any time and demolition at any time, the natural environment is fully protected. It achieves sustainability in development and protection, and the harmonious coexistence of people, buildings and the environment is realized.
3. Construction process that meticulously respects the condition of the site:
1) The buildings are hidden in the forest
2) Buildings are uplifted to prevent moisture and to create a unique living experience
3) The bottom is uplifted and supported by wooden structure, without occupying woodland. Local materials are used, while the color style coordinates with nature
4) Choose simple door and window forms. Through a transparent interface to contact with nature. Connect the ground through wooden steps
5) The top skylight is opened to create more opportunities to get in touch with nature and watch stars at night


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