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“ Don't sorry Buddha ”Institute of Meat Art

YU Zhen

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YU Zhen
In the project of “ Don't sorry Buddha Institute of Meat Art”, the site is located in the half-ring of the mountain, next to the old site of the air-raid shelter. The ridge is a signal base station. We integrate such industrial elements into the architectural design and create A new, unknown, experimental sci-fi context through which to find, research, and rebuild—the third type of contact that is lost in this planet.
The human civilization was the earliest in time, but it was only seven or eight thousand years. The origin of the ancient Homo sapiens was only three or four hundred thousand years, and it was like a drop in the ocean on the scale of the universe. We have reason to believe that there are countless civilizations in the universe. In the 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang, there have been occasional and inevitable contacts between civilizations, and contacts must act directly or indirectly on Contact with the object and its surroundings will leave traces (including traces of matter and traces of consciousness) consciously or unconsciously.
We try to do this kind of association: What is the purpose of the advent of heterogeneous civilization? What kind of connection does he want to establish with this planet? What role do we humans play in this connection? Suppose this is a friendly civilization, what kind of game and compromise will we experience in our coexisting living environment? And what kind of agreement will eventually be reached?
A civilization with the ability to travel across galaxies, the understanding and expression of technology will never be as cumbersome as the industrial age. It should be as simple and beautiful as Einstein's equation of mass energy (E=mc2). The so-called avenue to Jane, after stripping all the additional interest in art and culture, the core we face will be naked, pure and minimal.
Thus, in the red lacquer slogan full of war years and the unique desolate desolateness of the northern mountain group, a building has emerged: it should be full of rational high-level sexy, such as the shell-shaped alien spaceship that appears in the movie "Advent". Crossing the dimension of time and space, on this planet still transitioning to the first type of civilization, freedom and even release of mysterious signals. It is also as quiet as the icy water droplets in Water-drop. It is only the existence of silence that can be implicated in and even through all the rough and fragile pride.


 Da Lian
 Dalian Don't sorry Buddha Catering Co., Ltd.
 900 mq
 YU Zhen
 Hangzhou Jin Mu Shui Huo Tu ARCHITECTURE DESGN Co., Ltd
 American Artificial Intelligence and Art Association
 Shanghai Fast Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.


Architect/GUAN XinBiao
B.A in Environmental Design(Anhui University)

Interior Designer/Flora, SHE Wanting
MFA in Interior Design(Pratt Institute)

Project manager/KONG Chunlai


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