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Leça do Balio House

raulino silva architect

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raulino silva architect
The Chantre’s urban allotment, in the village of Leça do Balio, Matosinhos, is located near the southern entrance of the city of Maia, when coming from the Via Norte, which is the main connection road from the city of Porto to the north of Portugal.

The large parcels, an uncommon feature in the zone, all have yellow granite walls and some trees from the area, which give harmony to the existing streets and sidewalks in granite cube and micro cube, respectively.

The housing project for a family of four, a young couple with two children and a cat, is organized in two floors with two L-shaped volumes, facing the swimming pool and garden (south and west).

On the lower floor, the main entrance to the house divides it in three different parts which are connected by a common patio. To the south we have a suite type room for the visitors, with a private bathroom and a dressing room. To the north we have the garage for two cars. To the west, a small bathroom with a patio, the kitchen and the living room which are extended to the outside and swimming pool through the pavement. From the living room with a fireplace and a built-in aquarium (hobby of the future owners), we have access to the west zone, a covered area on the outside with a toilet for the swimming pool and storage area.

In the upper floor, by the stairs and corridor that surrounds the central patio we have access to another suite, with private bathroom and two dressing rooms in the south zone. To the north, above the garage, we have the technical area and the laundry room with the cat's litter box, interconnected with patio to allow drying clothes outdoors and recreation for the cat. In the western zone we have two more rooms of the suite type, with bathrooms illuminated by skylight, and an atelier / library with access to the terrace.

In the outside, the carpet grass will be placed throughout the garden area, leaving some areas of black shale gravel with small plants such as Santolina, Lavandula and Ericas. In order to protect the garden from the north winds, an area with fruit trees will be grown, such as orange trees, pear trees and apple trees, next to the biological vegetable garden. In the South zone there will be planted some trees of the region such as oaks and cork oaks.

The driveway is made with dark grey concrete, as well as the footpaths with plates of 6cm of thickness. The surrounding area of the pool will be paved with stone plates of Estremoz.


 500 mq
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva, Daniela Amorim, Cátia Sampaio, Hélder Silva, Ismael Santos, João Mendes, Jorge Dias e José Ricardo Vieira
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 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect


Raulino Silva lives and works in Vila do Conde, where he was born in 1981. Graduated architect by Escola Superior Artística do Porto in 2006. Since 2011, he has its own architecture office in a small village in Vila do Conde, where, with a team of architects, he develops essentially single-family housing projects and small equipment.

Among other awards and nominations, he won the: 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2017, with the Touguinhó III House, Azerbaijan; Winner of the Iconic Awards 2017, with the Touguinhó III House, Germany; 1st Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2015, with the Cemetery Extension, Azerbaijan; Selected for the Enor 2014 Architecture Prize, with the Cemetery Extension, Spain; Nominated for the 2014 Building Awards, with the Cemetery Extension, Portugal; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architectural Award 2013, with Event Equipment II, Azerbaijan; 2nd Prize at the Bergamo di Architettura Prize 2003, Italy.


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